Tantra massage to reconnect with your sensuality


What is Tantra?

This spiritual practice, dating back 7000 years, has its origins in Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism. It works on the seven chakras (or energy channels) of the body, including the sex chakra, Svadhisthana. This chakra is also called the sacral chakra and is your passion and pleasure center and it is located in the pelvic area. This chakra represents our ability to accept our relationships with others and to be in tune with our sensuality. But our seven chakras are sometimes blocked by stress, our lifestyle… And when the energy does not pass, disorders are born; at the level of the sex chakra, it can be sexual, emotional or professional frustrations. Hence the importance of stimulating it.

For who is Tantra massage recommended?

To people who want to develop their self-esteem, and to overcome certain complexes. This type of massage makes it possible to reappropriate areas of one’s body often hidden to find a healthy relationship.

To people with loss of libido, who want to find their sensuality or who do not feel (more) in phase with their sexuality. In this sense, Tantra massage can be very beneficial to women who feel disconnected from their sexuality after giving birth for example, or who have never experienced orgasm.

To people who have had intimate and painful sexual experiences and who have finally cut themselves off from their bodies to protect themselves. The massage makes you feel at peace with your own sexual areas. In these special cases, the massage therapist takes care to proceed step by step, without ever rushing the person.

For those wishing to enjoy a moment of total relaxation, too, because this massage provokes the same feeling of relaxation as a classic massage and invites the body to release tension.

The journey to pleasure

At a professional salon massage the masseuses are specialized in the art of Tantra massage. You will explore the basics of this unique massage: the conscious touch, the attention to the present moment, to oneself and to the other, the breath, the movement, the sound. Through a conscious touch, the massage takes you on a journey that awakens the senses and connects body, mind and soul.

The expert hands of the masseuse will rub and caress gently every part of your body: first the back of the legs, then the upper body, and then the side face. And that’s where magic operates. Little by little, your body welcomes caresses with more pleasure, less restraint. The thoughts are finally muted, and the body regains its rights, far from any judgment. Waves of pleasure run through your body. The goal is the discovery of one’s body, one’s carnal self. The goal is pure pleasure. The point of Tantra massage is to nourish and stimulate sensuality. At the end of the massage session you will experience a sweet feeling, a mixture of euphoria, lightness and total well-being.

Tantra massage is a therapeutic method to rediscover and reconnect with your sensuality.