Elimination of energetic and psycho-emotional blockages with Tantra massage


Repetitive thoughts and negative emotions are manifested in the body, through blockages, weaknesses and diseases. We accumulate in our bodies the stress of modern life and the traumas of the past. Some people will feel these blockages in different forms, such as pain in the back, hips, knees, shoulders, but also problems of insomnia, constipation, etc… each body is unique and expresses itself differently.

Tantra massage – an unlocking, liberating massage

Tantra massage is an emotional unlocking massage that allows a deep reorganization both psychically and corporally. Some pains can appear punctually, during pressure, during the massage, but they disappear instantly, and the relaxation that follows is particularly liberating, leaving a feeling of floating and well being. The physical and subtle bodies are thus gradually cleaned and purified and the life energy can circulate again. This type of massage is suitable for all, and recommended during emotional crises, depressions and difficult moments.

Importance of touch

The human body has enormous capacity or potential to experience pleasure through its five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and above all, touch. It is said that touch is the food of the mind and that touch experience is essential for the development of the whole person and joy. Many leading psychologists believe that lack of touch in childhood is one of the roots that causes neurosis and anti-social behavior. In fact, a large part of our brain covers sensation and tactile department.

Touch is the first sense we develop and the first that the embryo experiences in the mother’s womb. For the newborn, touch is the first point of contact with this strange new world and clings to the warmth and comfort of his mother’s skin. Touch is a universal language.

Eliminating blockages through massage  

Massage can help relax and explore the realms of sensuality and eroticism. Awakening one’s senses to the point of a particular joy is an art. At a professional Tantra massage salon the masseuses will touch you with kind, delicate, loving gestures, with respect for your body. In Tantra the human body is seen as a whole, in a balanced way, both the erogenous zones and the rest of the body. Beeing touched with love we establish our self-esteem and appreciate our body. These attitudes play a big role for a happy sexuality, for bringing a deep degree of intimacy between two people in a romantic relationship.

The expert hands of the masseuse will caress your body, activate your energy body centers and awake the sexual energy. The diffused light, scented candles, relaxing music, a fairy tale atmosphere is created in the massage salon and you are translated into a magical world in which you completely abandon to the expert touch of the masseuse, you let go to all your worries and stresses, all your negative thoughts and you live in the present moment, here and now. Your blockages can be eliminated and the orgasmic energy will flow through the whole body. You will feel relaxed, energized and rejuvenated.