Enchanting specificities of the tantra massage

The world nowadays calls us in multiple ways to enjoy life and enjoy pleasure. There are many tempting offers to embrace us, or us to embrace them, and not easily let them go. Among these many possibilities for spending a pleasant time, the massages would not be the last of them. And not all the massages offer the same amount of pleasure. There are ones which are more distinctive then the others, and these are the tantra and erotic massages.

The tantra and the erotic massages create special occasions for relaxation, pleasure and delight. They are never to be lost, but taken as opportunities for pleasure and therapy. They have different and multiple specificities which differentiate them from other types of massages. All of them are enchanting, each of them presents pleasant effects. The specificities of the tantra and the erotic massage define this type of massage among the others.

The most similitudes of the tantra massage are with the erotic massage. Together, they two differentiate among all the other types of massages through the knowledge of the pleasure transformed in path of self-developing, in the pleasure offered or in the knowledge over the energies. The tantra massage is a little more than a simple erotic massage, but it shares with this the aim for controlled pleasure and of refined sensuality.

Working over the energies in the tantra massage

When we speak about enchanting specificities of the tantra massage, we don’t forget about the aspects that define a good tantra massage. They are about energy activated, pleasure offered and many other aspects. The work over the energies in the tantra massage is the influence of the tantra philosophy, in which a big accent is put on this specificity. The energies are the ones over which the masseuse gives her best in the tantra and erotic massage. They are the ones activated, amplified, purified. The energies are the ones that will offer better states, delightful sensations and lots of fulfillment.

The pleasure offered in the tantra and erotic massage

This aspect is never to neglect in these types of massages, the pleasures obtained here are not only specificities of them, but real emblematic aspects. But, as a  difference from other massages or of other entertainments, the pleasure here is well controlled and it is not an aim itself, but the path to more elevated aspects. The pleasure perceived through the soft touches and gentle caresses leads to even better states and fulfillments. It can lead even to the awakening of the soul, so its importance is huge.

We don’t exaggerate when we say that in this type of massage, there appears a real science of pleasure. The skillful masseuse knows just when and how to press a little harder, to change the move or to come up with another technique so the guest is completely satisfied.

Other pleasant specificities of this unique and special massage, the tantra and the erotic one, come from the maneuvers used, the selection of the masseuses, the aims of this type of massage. The relaxation part of the massage which precedes any body-to-body massage during the course of the tantra massage is a must-do here. And it is always as necessary as pleasant, aswell.