The art of touching – basics of Tantra massage


So you’ve heard about Tantra massage and you don’t know what this technique is all about? Still, you have an idea of the importance of awakening and releasing your sensuality.
First of all, Tantra massage is not all about sex! Although it helps a lot in reaching orgasm during sex, the technique helps you more to fully treat your pleasure and your feelings. Are you curious?
Tantra massage is part of “Tantra”, a philosophy that originated in India more than 5000 years ago and is influenced by various religions, cultures and philosophies. Its main purpose is to stimulate self-knowledge.
Sexual energy and Tantra massage
The technique of massage has the principle of awakening the vital energy, to act directly in your emotional field and to help you connect with your sexual energy and pleasure.
Thanks to the body stimuli that develop orgasmic energy, Tantra massage develops the therapeutic side of pleasure. It has the power to cause unprecedented stimuli in the body and, therefore, breaks several paradigms related to the sexuality.
By causing a reconfiguration of one’s sexuality, Tantra massage greatly increases one’s sensitivity, being easier to cope with pleasure, to feel it more easily and more intensely. It’s a real journey in search of what satisfies you and your partner, as if you have received a new body, full of new sensations to discover!
In Tantra massage, sexuality is at the service of personal development.
A Tantra massage session helps to solve emotional, psychological and relational problems, to regain self-confidence, to learn and be aware of masculine and feminine polarity.
What does a Tantra massage session involve?
There are no “standards”, so each therapist/masseuse is likely to offer a unique massage. The Tantra massage session is characterized by a journey through the senses and sensuality:
-the massage is slow;
-the masseuse, a professional therapist specialized in the art of Tantra massage, is very involved, especially with her hands;
-the massage wants to be sensual and spiritual;
-it can be done on a table, or on a mattress, with oil or without;
-all parts of the body are meant to be part of the massage, including the erogenous zones. Traditionally, the client is naked. Obviously, if the person wishes, he/she can stay in underwear and the intimate parts excluded from massage.
The massage allows a calming of the spirit, proposes a feeling of unity to the whole body and makes it possible to find a sacred dimension of the body.
The masseuse offering the Tantra massage is well experienced, and she will perform the Tantra massage from the heart. A Tantra massage is a loving touch full of attention and presence, without a standard form and predetermined result.
There is no finishing in the tantric massage, neither individual nor in couple, because this one is not intended for erotic or sexual satisfaction: the lingam or the yoni massage (genital area) has nothing masturbatory, but is a purely spiritual achievement for energetic purpose only.
Tantra massage is a way of removing blockages and unleash inherent power, a way of awakening the sexual energy. The transformations that can appear after multiple Tantra massage sessions include a soul-opening level of bliss, a deep internal blossoming and, in general, a reshaping of life, on physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual level.