Being present when giving and receiving a tantra massage


Tantra is a way of expanding consciousness

Tantra massage is the way to connect with your body, your breathing and your being. Tantra massage allows you to listen to your body, go into letting go and abandonment. Tantra massage is a massage that can lead to the opening of the heart and sharing in consciousness.

Tantra massage is a sensory, sensual massage. It is a soft touch, full of tenderness, of love. The Tantra massage salon where this massage is given is also one of the keys to its success. Candles, colors, warmth and soft music are all essential elements of the trip.

Offering a Tantra massage

To offer a Tantra massage is to have made peace with oneself, to know how to center oneself and to connect oneself with the energy that surrounds you, to be in love without making love, to be there for the person being massaged, without judgment or projection on one’s own needs or lacks, empathize to accompany the evolution of feelings. It is also accepting the abandonment of the person as being to herself without ever losing sight that this moment does not belong to us.

Receiving a Tantra massage

Receiving a Tantra massage is a great journey, fulfilling, resourcing, offering a powerful spiritual awakening and self-understanding without judgment. This is the gift to offer, the exploration of the awakening to experiment.

To receive a Tantra massage is to remain open to what can happen, without expecting anything, without wanting anything. No focus on a place on the body where one is impatient with a contact,  only the awareness of being alive in a welcoming and accepting breath. It is in this space of self-opening, where we can feel the power of energy, extraordinary magic of the senses, perception of thousands of sparkling bubbles bringing light, burning heart, spiritual connection. The love felt then is so beautiful, so present that to abandon oneself there is only subtle pleasure and inner peace. This transformation of touch, becomes truly a Tantra massage.

The conscious touch always happens just in this moment, here and now

It is not so easy to take time for oneself, to accept being carried away by one’s sensations without opposing them with resistance. The hands that offer the Tantra massage, redefine the contours of our body. Each cell vibrates and sings in unison the vibratory pleasure that seizes it, carrying the body in waves of sensations and emotions. A motionless journey to the heart of the divine, a journey to the depths of our being and our soul.

The awakening of the senses

During a Tantra massage, you are in communion with your senses and with the energy that surrounds us. This communion gives confidence in one’s ability to feel, soothes the mind, and allows the vagrancy of the spirit. This awakening to oneself allows one to feel alive, vibrating in the completeness of a body that one listens to in the expression of one’s real needs. Tantra massage is a journey where there is no judgment, no fear of danger, no waiting, no projection on the after, where you can abandon yourself to your own sensations, in the fullness of your body and time present. This state of plenitude that accompany you after the massage is leaving you in contact with this benevolent flow of energy, fluid and serene.

Tantra massage allows you to spend a real moment with yourself, without running away and really love you for what you are, allows you to be present in the moment, whether you offer or receive.