Tantra massage and its true value



Massage is seen as a method of healing. Father of medicine, Hippocrates described the massage as an essential medical treatment: “The doctor must have experience in many respects, but not just with regard to the massage … because the massage can strengthen a wrist that is too weak and can weaken a wrist is too stiff. ”

Tantra massage has been practiced since ancient times and aims to increase libido and improve general condition. Seen by many as a taboo subtitle, Tantra massage offers truly visible results. But it is very important to free yourself of inhibitions and everything that might limit your vision of perfect pleasure.

Tantra practitioners believe Tantra massage is a form of determining the natural order of things, considering its sexuality “the life-prolonging engine.”

Tantra massage is relaxation in the purest form. This form of massage is inspired by the techniques of meditation and expression of sexuality specific to Hindu and Oriental philosophy and overcome, in intensity and complexity, a relaxing massage. A relaxing massage offers relaxation. Through Tantra massage you discover the most hidden and atrophied senses, whether sexual or spiritual.

Body sensations and emotions released during a Tantra massage bring men, but also women, an indisputable pleasure. Tantra massage has the power to greatly influence the muscles, skin, sexual organs.

Skin on skin contact stimulates the release of oxytocin, the sexual hormone of desire. Thus, sexual appetite is resuscitated  and added value. Moreover, Tantra massage helps maintain optimal health. It is no secret that by massage, the body regenerates its senses and regains its balance. Respiratory and circulatory functions are stimulated, as well as muscle activity.

Tantra massage is a complex massage and is part of the initiation in the sensory art. Tantra massage is a technique of relaxation and healing. Why healing? Tantra massage heals the soul and the lust for life. By stimulating libido, Tantra massage tends to add value to sex life and erotic performances. The outcome? An indisputable pleasure!

Like any type of massage, Tantra massage can improve blood circulation, helping to release toxins from the body. The well-being is influenced by the greater secretion of serotonin, so everyone who enjoys a Tantra massage will be happier and cheerful.

Tantra massage also has the following benefits:

–          Helps treat early ejaculation;

–          Contributes to relieving stress;

–           Promotes a general state of well-being;

–           Helps eliminate anxiety and other psychological problems;

–           Regulates blood flow throughout the body;

–           Improves fertility for both sexes;

–           It is beneficial for the circulation of blood, heart and other vital organs;

–           Improves social interaction capabilities;

–           Strengthens the couple relationship;

–           Helps detoxify the body.


Tantra massage frees the body from stress and improves your mood!

With a Tantra massage performed in a Tantra salon in Bucharest, stimulation of sexual organs by massage is performed only by professional therapists  with training in the field. Tantra massage is made by qualified masseuses who know these techniques well and are especially willing to offer unique sensations to those who enjoy a Tantra massage.