Endorphins, hormons and science things

Endorphins, hormons and science things

Endorphins are defined as hormone-like substances that are produced in the brain and function as the body’s natural painkillers. Although discovered in the mid-seventies, the study of endorphins and their impact on human body is still very recent. Nevertheless, while searching on the web, one finds there are many reports and references to massage contributing to release of endorphins.
Some years ago, scientists have discovered that exercise and massage increase endorphins secretion, while decreasing the stress hormones. The endorphins are the body’s natural feel-good markers. When they are released through massage, your mood is boosted naturally. Besides endorphins, massage also release adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. And all these chemicals work together to make you feel good.

History of researchers on endorphins

Along years, scientists have also found that there is a long list of other benefits of a high level of endorphins in our system. Among others, it was discovered that endorphins are responsible for enhancing immune system, and retarding the aging processes.
Now, did you ever experience an extraordinary good state after a massage session? That is because the endorphins’ release during massage can produce feelings of euphoria and a general state of wellbeing. Their effect can be so powerful that they can actually mask pain. Besides behaving as a pain regulator, endorphins are also thought to be connected to other processes including appetite modulation, and the release of sex hormones. 
During massage, large amounts of endorphins are released into the bloodstream. This explains the slightly groggy effect, lightheaded, and feeling of happiness. It was also noted that people who are regularly receiving massage recover more quickly from mild depression. This can be explained by the endorphins’ research which suggests that there is a link between emotions and a healthy immune system. This is also strongly correlated with good mental health as people age.

Massage and stres

So, can massage be considered as a natural way of managing stress? Is this a pleasant way to keep the stress hormones levels at bay? Can massage enhance your mood and reaction to stress? Is massage a wonder tool to help you when your levels of efficiency and productivity are significantly dropping?
The answer is YES, as the researches showed that the endorphins’ release mechanism during massage has also many noticeable physiological result. First of all, it is inducing a state of deep relaxation. Breathing slows down, heart rate decreases and thus lowers blood pressure. Blood goes from extremities to body’s core, thus improving digestion and venous flow to internal organs. Lymphatic system speeds up, thus increasing the excretion of waste and toxins from the body.
That is why one should remember that the sensual massage therapy is offering a pleasant way to rediscover healing, relaxation and rehabilitation. You can thus experience the therapeutic touch together with the release of the natural hormones. That allows your mind to begin a healing process that our bodies are naturally designed to bring forth. Therefore massage is here to encourage the inner healing in you.

Conclusions on endorphins and massage

And there is no better opinion on endorphins’ release during massage than that of Candice Pert, the discoverer of endorphins:
“From my research with endorphins, I know the power of touch to stimulate and regulate our natural chemicals, the ones that are tailored to act at precisely the right times in exactly the appropriate dosages to maximize our feelings of health and well-being.”