Wisdom of the body

Relaxing techniques through mind and spirit- The real wisdom of the body

Given the nowadays busy lifestyle, few have time to relax daily while walking in a park, or reading a good book. Few have time to devote hours a day to mindfulness practices and meditation. Still, a minimum balance is required for a healthy life.
Some try a rather different approach in order to balance their own being. Having the wisdom of the body in mind, they pay attention to all the things that relax their body. Be it a beautiful smell, a caressing light or a gentle water massage.
But how can one actually access this wisdom of the body? The answer is: trough physical feelings.
The art of touch has an important role in this approach. For the right touch in the right point can release a good amount of stressed energy. And teaches you a lot about your being. The new triggered state can give you a completely new vision upon life and upon the difficulties you are confronting with.

Don’t think about negative things!

Thinking over and over about a problem might take you into a loop. But what if you were to shut your mind off even for a short while? What if you give it a small break and dive into yourself while enjoying a sensual massage?
A good massage might actually stimulate creativity, innovation and openness to new ways of thinking, that will solve the problem. This does not mean that a massage makes your problem disappear. But it does help to shift your focus from the problem, to a desired state of peace and relaxation. And it will help you interpret situations differently and choose more adequate reactions or responses.

Deep state of relaxation

For a massage session to help you get through, you should begin by getting into a deep state of relaxation. While lying on the massage bed, try to shift your attention from the mind processes to the physical ones. As the tensions are released, feel all the signals coming from your body.
Where do you feel more heaviness, more stress? Is is the head? Or the belly? The neck or the feet? Try as well to feel and decode the message the body is trying to rely through that specific sensation.
For example, after massaging the middle of the chest, you might notice the alleviation of the emotional tensions. Few strokes on the shoulders will lift up the heavy burden of the unsolved problems. While a feet massage will give you the strength to walk further, even in the most difficult situations.
Afterwards, try to feel which movements are bringing you more light, more strength. Do not judge what you are experiencing. Just learn as much as you can about the needs of your body, about yourself.
You might have the surprise that after one hour or so of inner exploration massage, new ideas, new inspirations might come into your mind. Thus, you will discover new ways of approaching your life issues and solving them.

So, what should you do?

Later on, try to pay attention to the reactions of your body in various life situations. As the body can give you as much logical answers, as your mind. For when you listen to the wisdom of your body and learn to trust it, you are better able to face life issues, to shatter the unproductive thought-loops.

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