Enrich your sexuality with Tantra massage


Tantra massage offers a meditative approach based on breath awareness and conscious touch and can help you enrich your sexuality.

The place of Tantra in sexuality is unfortunately misinterpreted and remains in the beliefs and vision of many people an erotic practice, considered by most people and especially men as a means of games and dubious sex, leaving behind the word Tantra a secular dimension and authentic practitioners.

Tantra, a sacred path

The sacred sexual path, Tantra, is of worship and philosophical tradition from Hinduism and Buddhism. Sacred sexuality from Tantric worship represents a set of ancient practices. These techniques are bodily exercises and rituals (ceremony, yoga, visualization, meditation, massage, breathing etc.) based in particular on a spirituality reconciled with the active sexual energy.

The sacred way is a path of knowledge, a teaching, a new art of love that envelops our whole being in order to change the way we look at life. More precisely, we can describe the sacred sexual path in 3 key words: experience, consciousness and vitality, which serve as a spring board for explaining and experiencing Tantrism.

Tantra massage, a sensory exploration

It is a sacred experience, an approach to live spiritual practices using the body, in the mode of exploration and expression of the sensory, emotional and energetic dimension as a way of improving self-knowledge. The massage session leads to the acceptance of what is in the present moment, it represents the living of a conscious experience, and it allows the expansion of consciousness which suggests a change of mind, an acuteness which requires that to awaken, to grow to live the daily ecstasy.

Sacred sexuality

Sexuality is much more than a hand-to-hand exchange where the predominant organic sex leads men and women to enter a path of non-consciousness to love. They use their bodies in the image of an automatic machine that pushes to maintain a use of this object, the body, with oneself and towards the other. Thus we maintain the image of the genital employment, as possession of a material which must be efficient and functional at every moment, which aims at the orgasm and the act of love without engaging feelings or emotions.

Tantra massage teaches you that the whole body is erogenous

During a professional Tantra massage session, you will learn to control your sexual energy, which is rooted at the base between sex and anus, and spreads upward through the body. The sensations felt while you’re being massaged all over your body are like an energetic orgasm that is directed in its interiority rather than outside. The man discovers and learns that one can have an orgasm without ejaculation, because in this dimension the whole body is perceived as erotic and erogenous leading to ecstasy. You get to rediscover your body, to surrender to the pleasure of desire, to awaken the senses in order to dive into sensuality.

The experience of a Tantra massage is delicious, the body and mind surrender without waiting, just live the present moment in ecstasy.