Tantra massage, a sensual experience


About Tantra and Tantra massage

Tantra is a path of enlightenment that allows us to develop a high level of consciousness in our daily lives, in all aspects of our lives. It allows us to integrate the feminine and masculine energies inside us and also in the aspects of our existence. It is a relationship to oneself that is explored.

Tantra and Tantra massage are a source of sensuality. They unveil the sensory treasures you inhibit and help you unleash your sexual energy. You get to discover the inexhaustible sources of your sexual energy.

Tantra massage is a path of inner unity

At a professional massage salon, this massage is practiced with respect, consciousness and love. It is a way to learn how to fully live as a man or a woman, it is a path to become aware of oneself and one’s feelings. When you have a massage session let your first desire be that of a true and benevolent encounter with yourself. In this space of trust, you will be greeted with respect. You will have nothing to fear except to not dare. To dare authenticity, to dare to show yourself and to welcome you, as you are, with your desires, your limits and your fears. You will learn that the greatest frustration is not facing a refusal, but not daring to express yourself.

Tantra massage, an exploration of your senses

If you’re ready to lay down your armor, strip yourself of the roles you play in your life, you’ll be able to surrender to what you really are: a complete, loving and loved human being, unique. All dimensions of your person are treated with attention: your body is honored in its totality, you experience the infinite variety of bodily sensations, the emotions that can arise are welcomed, whether in ecstasy or in tears.

Slide into this universe of diffuse and multiple sensations

You can express your pleasure simply and freely, in the delights of abandonment to the sexual energy, to the vital energy that unfolds in this sacred celebration. The sensuality of the massage guides you. As long as you welcome the experience without expecting anything particular, and without judgment for your own reactions, you will experience the joy of feeling alive.

The masseuse receives you as you are. She does not follow a precise protocol, it is the listening of your body which guides her in the moment. Your body will speak to her hands. The massage will help you understand secrets that you have obscurely sensed and that a buried part of you will have already agreed to approach: to welcome your vulnerability, to recognize your power, to let dance in you the masculine and the feminine, even enter healing spaces of old wounds and reconciliation with yourself. Emotional and mental blockages can be removed.

What manifests itself in your feelings and emotions will never be repeated identically. That’s why every Tantra massage session is a unique experience. So, relax, breathe and savor this sensual expereince, in conscience and with tenderness for yourself.