Tantra massage and emotional healing

All about tantra massage and emotional healing

Who needs emotional healing?

Emotional healing may not sound like something you need or want. Despide its name, it doesn’t necessarily have a medical sense and it does not address psychological pathology. Emotional healing is what we all need to cure the occasional heartbreak, our day to day stress, disappointments and let downs, frustration, loneliness, even boredom.
Many of us tend to feel weak when unhappy, for we are supposed to be successful, and a brilliant smile is part of the image of success we have to live up to. Most of us don’t even stop to think whether we are happy. The most often received answer in interview surveys to the question “are you happy?” is “I don’t know… I’m not unhappy”. Of course not. For who could bear to know that about oneself? We are expected to be strong and happy, but we are not really taught how.

How about some erotic massage in Bucharest? That sounds like fun. That’s why many go for it. Or why they think they go for it. The truth is massage has much more than just fun to offer. The simple fact of being touched is something our body craves for, and something that is far from being enough in our day to day lives.

The need for touch

Studies on chimps have shown that cubs raised with no physical affection barely survive. Those who were given a surrogate mother (that is a monkey made out of metal wire) would gather around “her” and develop better than those left completely alone. But of course, way more poorly than the ones brought up by their mommies. This is to say, the simple fact that they had a physical mother-like figure that they could touch and curl up against did make a difference.The need for touch has been scientifically proven, we need this for our psychological well-being, which influences our immune system and our health.


We’re only human

Society is an artificial environment and we all try to fit in. We try to get over the little (or not so little) things that bring us down, make us sad, hurt or annoy us, for they don’t seem so important, they don’t seem to impact us, we feel like we can take it. After all, what’s the big deal? Most of us go through pretty much the same things and we all keep on smiling.
The truth is that it doesn’t take much to break our emotional balance. It is something we need to accept. It’s normal to feel sad or hurt. It’s human nature. Just like we fee lthe cold outside and put and extra jumper on. And we have to do something about it.

We need to take care of ourselves.
One of the ways to do that is massage. Massage is relaxing, regenerating, soothing, stress releaving. Moreover, erotic massage is even more efficient for it addresses more than just our need for touch.

What’s so great about tantra massage?

Sexuality is a very complex human need. It is both instinctive and emotional and it has even become part of our social status. Because it is part of so many important spheres of our life, sexuality and the way we approach it are vital for us to feel content. And sexual frustration is one of the most common in society nowadays. It is also one of the main causes for divorce, aggression, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.
This is why erotic massage is a key answer to many issues for both men and women. Many people don’t see it as such because they find it unethical.

However, erotic massage is not prostitution, it does not involve intercourse and it has therapeutic effects. For example, there are many couples who say that erotic massage saved their marriage.
If you are looking for a place where professionals can offer you this approach on massage, Tao  massage in Bucharest is one of the best.
The massage techniques, the ethical code, the refined beauty, it all sums up in a special place for relxation, pleasure and nourishment.