The way you touch is the way you are

The way you touch is the way you are

The touch is one of the basic ways of communication. When coming into this world, the touch is the first way we get in contact with the others and communicate with them. We begin to touch before starting to speak.
Among the fifth senses, the sense of touch is the one that helps us express the best what we want to say, without uttering a word. Also, by touching an object we can feel the connection we have with it. Because through the sense of touch we have a direct contact with what we are experiencing.
The touch creates a bound between two different worlds, the outer one and the inner one. The touch makes us feel connected with the person we love more than any other sense. Because the touch and the feeling cannot be separated.

Touching and massage

There are many ways of massaging. From a very delicate touch, to a skillful massage pressure. From an almost imperceivable caress, to the intense strokes of the tantric massage experience…
Even if usually we are massaging with hands (and this is very good because a tierce of our 5 millions sensitive receptors of the skin are placed on the palms), we can also massage and touch with any other part of the body. This is not something new and it can induce a large array of feelings. For example in the Indian culture the touching of the feet can express love, while for the eskimos touching the noses is similar to kissing.
If the way we talk or the way we walk can tell others some important things about our personality, the same thing is with the way we give or receive a touch. This can also help us know ourselves better.

Sexual pleasure and massage

The sexual pleasure is a primary emotion. But Tantra states that if the sexual attraction is accompanied by love, than it becomes a sublime emotion. It will lead us gradually to happiness and to a superior expansion of the consciousness.
The touch expressed in a tantric way is the touch coming from the heart. It is a touch which helps us communicate with the person in front of us from the bottom of the heart. The tantric caresses always involve sincerity, respect, harmony and affection. It is about communicating to the other everything we are feeling inside. It is about expressing our deep emotions through this language of the body.
In a tantric massage, the caresses have to be always full of affection. In this way, many amazing phenomenas might occur: spontaneous healing, awakenings of Kundalini energy, overwhelming sensations of happiness and ecstasy, paranormal communication with other people etc.

About tantra and energies

Tantra aims towards the perfect balance of the energies. This might lead the human being to a deep understanding of the meaning of life, starting with the very near daily things.
The tantric massage experience teaches us to become more conscious. When you are touching, you are there.  When you receive the touch, you are there as well. From the bottom of your heart, be there. Be one with the palm that touches you, be one with the fingers that caress you. Let the inner feeling go out through the hands to the other person. It can tell more than thousand words. Because the touch and the feeling cannot be separated…