Ideas about emotional stress and solutions

Ideas about emotional stress and solutions

Modern stress has a tendency to be emotional in nature, rather than physical. Emotional stress is not a physical threat. It is something that we have created in our imagination, by ruminating on a problem. That is why it is said that emotional stress lives only in our mind.
The deep relaxation induced through massage is one of the best ways to alleviate emotional stress. As it is a pleasant way to teach you to direct your habitual thoughts towards something that makes you feel peaceful and delighted. During a massage session you begin to give more significance to peace and tranquility. And while you enter slowly into a meditation like state, you shift your focus away from your everyday worries. Thus both your mind and your body can relax.


Relaxation techniques

A good state of relaxation decreases the danger signals sent to the brain, and so your brain becomes less reactive to stress. A constant stress response from the brain means a constant secretion of stress hormones. Although the stress hormones are beneficial in normal, small amounts, they become harmful to health when the amount increases. Therefore, the sensual massage is a great tool to keep the stress hormones’ level under control. Conditions related to any kind of stress, as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, are likely to be managed and cured.
The activation of stress response makes the muscles thorough the body tensed up. These muscles should relax when the stressful event ends. However if the stress goes on, the muscles never really relax. In time, this may lead to all sorts of stress-related symptoms of aches and pains. A good sensual massage helps you relieve the muscle tension. It pushes your muscles to return to a relaxed state and thus reduces the tensions and pains you might feel.

Stress origins

Stress usually centers around a certain loss (be it the loss of someone dear, of wealth, of a certain social status, etc.). Moreover, emotional stresses have the tendency to add up, as they are not easily detected or released.
When responding to stress, the body has the tendency to preserve energy by suppressing the digestive and immune systems. That is why, stressed people often have poor immune system activity and/or digestion and elimination problems. Studies have shown that sensual massage helps restore a normal activity of digestive system. Digestion boosts up, and so are all the other systems that are taking their energy from the digestive system.

The same studies have shown that massage also plays an active role in restoring the normal immune system function. Our natural protection shield is once again brought to a perfect shape. Thus the risk of flus, colds and immune system related diseases is significantly decreased.
There are many different massage therapies out there and one might find difficult to find the right one. It is true that all the various techniques used during a massage session will help your muscles to return to a relaxed state.


Sensual massage a solution to stress???

Nevertheless, the sensual massage is already considered to be a kind of panacea, a remedy to solve all problems. For it works greatly for every being who dares to try it. You do not need special preparations, nor is it disrupting your daily activities. That is why it is said that the persons who tried the sensual massage only once are rare to find.

Would you dare give it a try?