Erotic massage and our emotional system

Erotic massage and our emotional system

How does erotic massage influence our emotional system and why should we care? Firstly, if it didn’t influence our emotions, we would have no motivation whatsoever to perform and receive massage. It is a basic law of motivation that the associated feeling of pleasure makes an action desirable and this derermines us to act in order to achieve it.

This is  quite plain and simple, however, what is this pleasure that drives us towards massage in general? We all know how much we crave for caresses, for being touched, how every time someone lays their hand on us we’d like it to never end and how relaxed and regenerated we feel after being massaged. Studies have shown that this is one of the main reasons why people spend so much money and time on manicure, epilation, having their hair done, spas, various treatments that involve being touched. Because we need it.



All the experiments in the field have shown that ever since birth, both humans and animals need affection in the form of being touched, kissed, hugged. Sweet words, food and shelter aren’t enough to make us properly develop, we objectively have a need for touch. And just like our needs for food and shelter don’t fade away as time passes, neither do we stop needing this physical affection.

Throughout time, society has become more and more “civilised”, which is to say more and more distant, alienated and cold. All this technology allowing us remote comunication is cutting down on our physical connections. This wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t seriously affect our emotional system. The rate of depression, anxiety and other disorers is continuously raising.


Of course, the lack of physicality is also influencing our sexuality. We give less and less time and importance to it, even though we’ve known for a long time now that this is also a basic need. It is quite easy to see that, from al perspectives, sexuality is our greatest force. Physically, sperm is the most live fluid of the male body, more than blood itself. A lot of our interest goes into sexuality, the continuous guaranteed succes of advertisements with sexual content is proving it over and over. Art – from Justin Timberlake, to Shakespeare and ancient poetry – has always had eros as one of the main themes. What more proof do we need in order to understand that we have to accept the importance of eroticism in our lives and give it the time and care it requires?


The fact that our society also has all sorts of “junk sex” solutions, such as video chats, porn and inflatable dolls is only making it all worse. It is depriving us of the physical contact that we truely and intensely need. This is why people are becoming more and more frustrated, more and more violent (it is already a scientific fact that frustration is the source of aggression, be it active, passive, directed to others or to self), emotionally and erotically disabled (impotency and frigidity are also becoming more and more of a problem).

Emotional system and our sexuality

One of the true and healthy solutions to all this is erotic massage. It fulfills our need for touch and it harmonises our sexuality. It relaxes us, releases stress, calms down aggression, frustrations fade away. Given all these, our focus is enhanced, our self esteem boosted, our efficiency intensified. We become prone to empathy and deep comunication. During erotic massage our brain releases hormons of pleasure and relaxation which psycho-emotionally regenerate us. Our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, the one in charge with resting, conserving energy and renewing the energy supplies of our body.


So next time you feel stressed, frustrated and feel like you’ve had enough and need a fix, remember that most likely the solution cannot be reached on your own, you will only numb your need for contact and deepen your frustration. It is simply human nature that we need each other. It is such a strong emotional need that it imensely affects our body (in childhood, the bodies of those deprived of physical affection do not properly develop; in adulthood, if physical affection is lacking or insufficient, it degenerates in various diseases and disorders).

Our soul, our needs

We all need to relax and surrender to the tender touches of someone else. Our soul needs it, our body needs it, our mind needs it. So give youself the chance to receive all this. It shouldn’t be a rare treat, it should come to us just as natural as eating and drinking. It is amazing how taking care of this basic need can change our lives. Imagine feeling content all the time, relaxed and focused, being able to engage all your determination in your projects while staying detatched and calm at the same time. It is quite amazing, but nevertheless true, that regular erotic massage can make this all possible for us.