Following the energies in the the tantra massage

        The tantra massage is a very special type of massage which offers a lot of new and unbelievable things to the ones trying it. Even if it is tried for the first time or if the tantra  massage has taken place even before, the unexpected, surprising aspects that appear during its course, are as pleasant as for the first time.

             All the special and very delightful events, feelings and states during the tantra massage due to the specific manner in which it is realized and to certain patterns it follows. All of them are based on the ancient knowledge of the flow of the energies and to this very important aspect we can relate the benefits and the deep states it offers.

The knowledge of the energies can become a path itself in the tantra massage

           Other types of massages don’t speak so much about the energies involved in the massages. Of course, all of them are happy to present their benefits and, most of the time, these benefits are not a few. But they are specific and according to the exact type of massage involved and, in other cases then the tantric or erotic massage, the accent put on the energies is not so big.

             Here, in the tantra massage, the importance of the energies is emphasized because it is tributary to the ancient and very valuable tantric philosophy from which this massage derives. There, the big importance of the energies is explained in detail and the tantra massage, as a concrete appliance of the tantra philosophy, just goes further manifesting in this very concrete and physical domain that knowledge.

             One of the purposes in the tantra massage is to reveal good, beneficial energies in the human being, in his inner universe. Then to make them grow, to emphasize them, to make them manifest longer than usual. If the energies of beauty, harmony, pleasure and more others bring so much joy in people, then it is normal for everybody to maintain them as long as possible. In such a case, the constant focusing over the energies and their flow becomes a important preoccupation and even a path.

The ascendant flow of the energies as a permanent aim in tantra massage

             It is widely considered that by specific daily activities, the human beings don’t uplift their energies normally. The multitude of necessities a normal life requires from us generally makes the flow of the energies go down, like in a consuming mode. It happens more rarely when these energies have an ascendant flow but these specific moments are very precious. These moments are multiplied in the tantra massage and in everything related to the tantra philosophy.

             The tantra philosophy knows that an ascendant flow of the energies in the human being  leads to health, improving general good state, achieving new and better higher states in a perfect and natural manner. In such case, the man relates to the upper levels of his being which gives a more complex feeling of wholeness.

Energies that are followed in the tantra massage like in a play

           To make everything very desirable and delightful, the work on the energies in the tantra massage is like in a play. Though, everything is very important, serious and can have a great impact (beneficial) on the being of the one trying it.

             Following these benefic energies means accommodating, according and adjusting the energies and the techniques of the masseuse after the energies of the man, improving them, making them flourish and maintaining them as long as possible. Everything good met as energy in his inner universe is then amplified and constantly made visible. Harmonizing the energy is the key-word here.