Tantra and its applicability on Tantra massage

Tantra comes from a set of texts written in Sanskrit. Tantra is a practice that is about 5000 years old and comes from India. The term Tantra can be translated as: “expansion of consciousness”.

The vision of Tantra is wide: it takes into account the sexuality (that is considered sacred), the love, but also the mental mind, the emotional body. The body itself is considered a tool, an object or even a way of reaching a higher state of consciousness, a sense of accomplishment and surpassing oneself. The principles of Tantra: Everything is energy! One of the statements of Einstein is that if you break anything down to its most basic form it exists as energy. Tantra says that everything that exists is part of the one universal energy.

Our thoughts, emotions, sex, love and spirit all exist in our body as different frequencies of energy. In Tantra practice we work consciously with these different energies, opening and clearing their pathways.

Tantra massage is the spiritual art of touch. Gentle, sensual touches all over your body, awaken your sexual energy and and lead it through the whole body. Sexual energy is the bioenergetic reality behind all of our sexual moments. Whenever we are sexually active it is the sexual energy in action. In Tantra it is called Kundalini. Sexual energy nourishes life through us and it is an engine for human race and a huge creative force. Tantra massage harmonizes a strong and healthy sexual energy and opens great new potentials for pleasure, fulfilling sex life and deep love to our partners.

Living in the present moment

Being present in your body, in this moment, is key to a fully satisfactory life experience. Beeing totally present equals mindfullness.

Tantra massage works with breathing and body awareness techniques. Proffessional masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage will teach you to become aware of your breath and feel it in your body, so that you will be able to reach the present moment.

Opening the heart chakra, the center of love

Through the heart we are able to connect intimately with others, and also to ourselves. Tantra teaches us how to consciously seek to live from an open heart. Rather than protect our hearts from hurt it is considered more beneficial to expereince the pain involved in loving , for when hearts break is when they can be most open to let love in, as hearts are capable of immense healing.

Tantra massage is about surreneder, not the surrender of the receiver to the masseuse, but surrender of both into the process, into the present moment, and surrender of the mind into the heart.


Masculine and Feminine seen as one


Humans possess both a masculine and feminine aspect within us. Tantra sees these dual aspects merging into a path of experiencing unity, wholeness and the Divine, not only in man and women in lovemaking, but also the masculine (awareness) and feminine (feeling) within ourselves. This concept is one way of gaining a deeper understanding of our experience.

During a Tantra massage an intense polarization process occurs between masseuse and the person receiving the Tantra massage, so masculine and feminine principles can be experienced as one.