Health effects of Tantra massage

Tantra massage and medicine

Given that modern science is heading more and more to a holistic understanding of the Universe and of man, implicitly, health is no longer only a matter of bacteria and viruses.

There are solid scientific proof for the fact that negative emotions affect our immune system. Opposite to this positive ones boost it. Also, the new German medicine describes in detail how various emotions make us prone to infections with specific bacteria, or to contacting specific viruses.

Similarly, Tantra has a holistic approach on spirituality, Tantric massage aiming at the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, its effects are beneficial both to the physical health and the psychological well-being.

Health effects of Tantric massage

There are several ways in which Tantric massage is good for the body. It is relaxing, so it helps release muscular tension and improve flexibility. Also, through relaxation it is beneficial to the heart and brain, allowing them to rest and regenerate. Due to the acupressure techniques involved, it triggers the release of various hormones, strengthening the body’s organs and systems.

For viril men

However, it is mainly effective in improving the sexual function. Especially if it also includes testicle massage, Tantric massage will enhance both your sex drive and your control over it. Testosterone production is also boosted, together with the quantity and quality of your semen. Regular sessions of Tantric massage heal impotency, infertility and premature ejaculation, as well as urinary system disorders.

With regular sessions of authentic Tantric massage, such as the ones we offer here at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest, men can achieve such control over their sexual function that they’ll become able to have multiple orgasms and have intercourse for hours without pause. We’ve explained the neurology and physiology involved, together with the necessary processes of transmutation and sublimation, in previous articles.

For sensual women

Moreover, Tantra massage is highly effective for women as well. Among the effects that occur throughout regular sessions of authentic massage, we mention the healing of frigidity and infertility, libido enhancement, hormonal balance, diminishing of PMS symptoms, soothing of menstrual pain, preparation of the body for easy birth.

Unfortunately, most women aren’t aware of their sexual potential and what they could do with it. Given the structure of their genital anatomy, women can reach over 10 different types of orgasm. Experiencing these states as often as possible is good for the body and mind, as medical and psychological studies have proved over and over.

The power of pleasure

Of course, this is true for both, men and women. Profound states of relaxation and overwhelming pleasure trigger the release of certain hormones in the body. These hormones are healthy for the organism, bringing it back in good balance, but also improve our psychological well-being. Experiencing deep and prolonged states of pleasure boosts our immune system, soothes any existing pain in the body and keeps us sane and happy.

Multiple orgasms have amazing effects on our self-image. Releasing stress, frustration and anxiety, we feel more self-confident, our perceived self-efficacy is increased, our self-control is also enhanced. Moreover, people who are erotically satisfied tend to be more charismatic.


In addition, because Tantra massage can have profoundly cathartic effects, it is also revealing for our soul (emotionally) and for our heart (physically). Cathartic states can heal any emotional traumas, grief, all sorts of fears and depression.


In conclusion about health and tantra massage

Eliminating the emotions that bring us down and boosting the ones that make us happy, satisfied and confident, Tantric massage helps boost our immune system. Thus, it is effective in preventing all sorts of diseases and helping heal those that may already exist in our body.