Tantra, sexuality and massage, all about yoga

Different types of yoga, yoga massage and tantra

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by billions of people, being a spiritual path born and vastly spread in the Orient. Naturally, the system has grown to a tremendous magnitude and complexity, at the same time remaining very clear and well structured for the connaisseur. If, however, one only gets to know bits of it, they may seem confusing and even contradictory.


The yogic system

There are many branches of the yogic system. They all have the same purpose and are based on the same universal principles. Nevertheless, the shapes and forms the practices specific to different branches take may vary to the extent where they seem to belong to completely different systems and beliefs.
Among the paths that have been paved in yoga we mention bhakti yoga (the path of devotion), kriya yoga (the path of action), jnana yoga (the path of knowledge), dhyana yoga (the path of meditation) and there are many others. Some yogis only practice one of these, while others combine two or several different types.


Tantra yoga

A very special yogic path, and one that many find the most suitable for modern times is tantra yoga. “Tantra” means “web”, “netting” or “weft”. Its name is a metaphor for the holographic universal structure. The yogis have chosen this name because tantra is an all-encompassing spiritual path. As opposed to other systems that advice the practitioner to keep away from various temptations, tantra doesn’t avoid or reject anything.
In some ways, tantra may well be associated with alchemy. The reason why tantra doesn’t reject anything is that the tantric perspective regards the entire Universe as energy that can be modulated.


Therefore,there is no good and bad, just different vibrational frequencies of energy that can be alchemised into superior forms. The frequnecy can be changed with the power of consciousness.
This is also a principle we can find in modern science. From this perspective, one can understand why light changes its structure. From wave to particle and viceversa, according to the observer: because the observer is endowed with consciousness.

More about tantric meaning

The tantric has to be perfectly present and aware, relaxed and focussed. His discernment needs to be flawless so that he/she may know the type of energy they’re operating with and choose what to do with it. Tantra states that all energy can be used for spiritual evolution. The more energy we have, the more fuel there is in our spiritual engine. It’s just that all energy needs to be channelled to the desired purpose.


Tantra, sexuality and massage

One of man’s greatest energies is sexual energy. Because of its intensity, it is also hard to control. This is why most spiritual doctrines advice to keep away from its temptations given that, if uncontrolled, it can derail the practitioner from the path.
Tantra, however, teaches us to control and use it efficiently. One of the tantric practices with this purpose is massage.

Tantric massage is meant to activate, dynamise, harmonise and alchemise sexual energy, in order to use it for our self-development. We’ve described the multitude of tantra massage effects on our physical health, psychological well-being and personal growth in previous articles. Also, we’ve described in detail what controlling sexual energy means and the neuro-physiological processes involved.
There are multiple yogic techniques from other branches that enable faster development in the tantric system. This techniques are hatha yoga (physical and breathing exercises) and dhyana yoga (meditation) that can be used for transmutation and sublimation. Sublimation is a processes used in alchemising energy, including the control of sexuality, as shown in previous articles.


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