Improving masculinity through tantra massage

Improving masculinity through tantra massage

Tantric and erotic massage are usually associated with feminine features such as tenderness, sensuality, and empathy, but the deep effects and processes it triggers are far more complex and diverse.

For instance, this practice can greatly amplify masculinity for men as it can help them connect with their inner nature and fully awaken their potential. How is this possible? How can a massage that is  apparently just generating pleasure and relaxation be capable of  awakening your  masculinity? Well, we will try to offer you an answer in this article.

Ideas about masculinity

Men use to define and value their masculinity through a rather narrow range of criteria that are sometimes incorrect and useless. For instance, many men believe that being masculine means being tough, insensitive, being quick in everything you do. Also seeing the world only from a rational point of view, being passionate and wild without necessarily controlling that passion. And further more the list can go on.

Many of these attitudes are often just defense mechanisms that men use in order to hide their vulnerabilities, fears and insecurities.

All ancient and modern cultures and philosophies agree that the core of the masculine nature is power, but the way we understand and use this power is the true mark of a mature man.

How does tantric massage fit in this picture?

It’s easy! Erotic massage awakens the inner power in multiple ways and it gives us the opportunity to fully access and use it. All power is essentially just energy, and the main goal of any massage is to set energies in motion.

Sexual energy for men

The most important form of energy activated by tantric massage is sexual energy. The special maneuvers, touches and caresses used by our beautiful masseuses are meant to induce a deep state of relaxation and to awaken sexuality in a refined and harmonious way. During massage, erotic pleasure becomes a total, full body experience, not just a local arousing, as many men are used to perceive it.

By understanding erotic pleasure as a global process that stimulates your entire being, body, mind and soul, your view and perception of your own sexuality will broaden and become far more complex. Modern people, and especially men, tend to link sexual pleasure just to the genitalia and the area surrounding it. When they are aroused, the focus is fixed only on the pleasure experienced around the sexual organs. This causes the energy to build up in that area very fast, because, as we already know, where our focus goes, our energy flows.


The massive accumulation of energy in the genital area makes it almost impossible for men to control their sensations and pleasure. This is the main reason why men climax very fast during intercourse and then need to rest before they can start again. Lack of control over their own energy is a tremendous setback for many men’s self esteem and for their overall state of masculinity. It’s like that  because self control is a form of power that is fundamental for any human being, and even more important for men.

Understanding sexual desires and erotic facts

Men can easily learn to control their sexuality by experiencing sexual and erotic pleasure. This will act as a global rather than a local phenomena . You can play with it, understand it and use it more consciously and in a more complex way. If you integrate this approach while you make love, you will be able to prolong your pleasure for hours. And also even avoid ejaculation while still experiencing amazing orgasms.

Better control of your sexual energy will make you a better lover. Also it will increase your self esteem, your charisma and your self confidence.

Tensions? Frustrations? Yep…

The new attitude towards your own erotic nature (that will appear after receiving tantric massage) will release many tensions. These tensions usually build up on this level and affect our lives on all levels.

Frustrations, guilt, inhibitions and insecurities will quickly fade away once you experience this refined, superior type of pleasure. This process directly affects the emotional level, as it dissolves old blockages. The process opens the way to new and beautiful feelings and emotions.

Beneficial facts about tantra massage for men

Men will have the opportunity to understand their emotional structure in a more mature and deep manner.  Due to the disappearance of the insecurities and vulnerabilities that previously triggered the defense mechanisms we have mentioned before. A man who is free from these bonds will become more affectionate and caring.

He will naturally start to love himself and others more. Thus will become powerful and masculine through the affection and support he is then capable of offering. Clearing out the limitations and tensions through tantric massage will also clear and purify the mind. This will enable us to think faster, make better decisions, see things more objectively and communicate better.

A man whose mind is still, focused and disciplined is definitely a powerful man.
A powerful man manifests a deep and impacting state of masculinity in all his interactions with others.

All these and many other blessings and revelations can be easily accesed through deep erotic massage.  This practice is unquestionably one of the most powerful methods to improve  masculinity. You will become a better man in all possible meanings of the word!

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