Full ecstasy – massage of the 5 senses

Massage of the 5 senses as a full ecstasy

At Tao erotic massage in Bucharest you can experience complete ecstasy through the massage of the five senses. This means that all your five senses will be aroused in order for you to have a totally fulfilling state of pleasure and expansion; just relax and surrender, floating on all these waves of shivers and delight.

We know it sounds appealing, but this is not just a nice idea. Pleasant stimulation of all senses at once leads to more than pleasure. If you are at all familiar with meditation, you know for sure that every sensation we experience is an opportunity to become aware and fully seize the present moment. It’s not just new-age talk, the effects of mindfulness meditation (meditation focused upon the present moment and ceasing the random flow of thoughts) have already been scientifically proven in hundreds of experiments and are now used as treatment for various disorders such as depression and anxiety, as well as certain diseases like psoriasis.

However, meditation is not only for the ill, for its purpose is much higher than healing. Meditation is meant to improve the quality of life, it’s meant to make us truly live it to the fullest every single moment. This does not mean having an adrenaline rush all the time, but being aware and content, focussed and at peace, active and relaxed at the same time. It does not necessarily imply changing the path you are walking, but enjoying every step of it, instead of hastily rushing with your head down in worries, stumbling upon things and missing out on all the beautiful scenery.

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What does massage have to do with all this? In meditation we usually focus upon one sensation, emptying our mind of any other thoughts till we feel immersed in the present moment. It is known that this is easiest to do with intense and pleasant sensations. However, when all senses are overwhelmed with pleasure, the effect is instantaneous and it doesn’t require much focus. All you need to do is relax and surrender. Give up your worries and ruminative thinking and pleasure will take you over.

What does the massage of five senses really consist of? It is a mixture of stimuli meant to help you relax and experience a state of ecstatic expansion, feeling your limitations fading away, leaving you completely free. For the sense of smell, there is aromatherapy. Our rooms are delightfully scented with natural exotic fragrances that will make you feel like you’re floating in soft steamy colours.

For the sense of taste, you can simply rely on the natural synesthesia between smell and taste. However, if you feel like this isn’t enough for you, we can offer delicious fruits for you to savour. Nevertheless, for some this is hindering the experience because they tend to focus on eating and miss out on the rest that is going on.

Your sense of sight will be delighted by the beautiful masseuse(s) you will choose. She’ll be there for you to admire her femininity, sensuality and mistery, while massaging you with her whole wonderful body.

Thus, your sense of touch will be most pleased, receiving all the caresses and sensual touches, feeling the beautiful feminine body graciously sliding on yours. Our masseuses are well trained professionals, all the maneuvers they practice being specially aimed at relaxing your muscles, harmonising the functions of your body’s various systems, providing overwhelming pleasure and creating an environment of trust, peace and happiness.

The sense of hearing will be aroused both by the adequate music playing and by the tender, sensual whispers of the masseuse. Listen to her and follow her voice into a realm of ecstasy and delight.

Ecstasy is not just a fancy word we like to use, it is an achievable and desirable state. The state of ecstasy is one where your mind is completely silent, you feel perfectly serene and at peace, your consciousness expands and you feel as if time and space are nothing more than mere concepts which do not affect you in any way, and most of all, you feel completely and eternally free, free of any fears, worries, thoughts, expectations or definitions of self. You simply exist, and your very existance is blissful.

Scientifically, there are certain hormones that are released during these states. This is why some drugs and mushrooms can also induce such states of consciousness, because they trigger the release of these hormones. However, reaching ecstasy in a natural way, without the aid of any substance, will keep your mind crystal-clear, without any hang-over effect. Also, by practicing, you will become able to have these experience at will, whenever you desire.

There are various levels of ecstasy, depending on their intensity, depth and duration. However, the brief description above is characteristic to all of them. Only through practice and direct experience one can discover their mysteries and effects upon the body, the mind and the spirit.