Full ecstasy – massage of the 5 senses

Massage of the 5 senses as a full ecstasy At Tao erotic massage in Bucharest you can experience complete ecstasy through the massage of the five senses. This means that all your five senses will be aroused in order for you to have a totally fulfilling state of pleasure and expansion; just relax and surrender, floating on all these waves of ... More

Tao Erotic Massage

For understanding the full potential of the Tao sexual massage, of great help is the understanding of the Taoist notion of the energetic field, which embraces the whole human body in the form of energetic channels or meridians. According to the Taoist tradition, the energy of life is diffused by a fundamental force called CHI, which is ... More

Angel touch massage

For hundreds of years skin receptors have created a language that is translated in our brains through the act of touching. Touch can induce different sensations, as they are meant to be felt: pain or pleasure. There are different intensities of pain caused by various factors and the same goes for pleasure. That is why we have created this ... More

Massage for women

Erotic massage is meant for women too. During our 12 years of erotic massage experience, we can count for very few women who came to experience an erotic massage, comparing to men. It can't be balanced. Women, in their continuous pursuit to remain beautiful spend their money on clothes, cosmetics, beauty salons, etc. But most of them ... More

Ayurveda massage – real deep hindu relaxing massage

Therapeutic  relaxing massage - real  ayurvedic massage Ayurveda is the hindu traditional medicine also known as ,,the science of life’’. This system was discovered more than 5000 years ago. It is a way of living, of fulfillment and spiritual evolution that covers all the branches of life and of re-balancing the natural health: body, ... More

Lingam massage 

Lingam in sanscrit language means „ wand of light” and is the word used in Tantra tradition to define the male organ, the penis. The lingam is something viewed as a sacred part of a man's body, that channels creative energy and pleasure. The lingam massage is meant to teach how to relax the intimate area and also, it allows man to get in ... More

Testicle massage

The correspondent organ for female ovaries are the testicles, for men. Ovaries for women represent the storage area of all emotions and feelings. For men also, the testicle area is the one linked to emotions. Therefore, through ovary massage women can release their emotional blockings. This is also possible through lovemaking, or by the use ... More

Oriental erotic massage

Tactile stimulation is a real body language that sometimes proofs to be more important and efficient then communicating through words. The wise men of the Orient had an intuition about this amazing truth, developing the art of caressing known today under the name of oriental erotic massage. Those masters of the occult knowledge were the ... More