Tao Erotic Massage

For understanding the full potential of the Tao sexual massage, of great help is the understanding of the Taoist notion of the energetic field, which embraces the whole human body in the form of energetic channels or meridians. According to the Taoist tradition, the energy of life is diffused by a fundamental force called CHI, which is manifested in the human body through sperm for man and physiological liquids that are formed during the discharge moment for woman.

Tao meridians for the CHI flow

Free flowing of the CHI through these meridians is very much responsible and essential for a perfect health. Tantric masters consider ejaculation both for men and women as a discharge that has nothing to do with orgasm and has many (d)effects.
– losing the energy of life, Chi, will weaken the immune system by creating the premises for various diseases.
– premature aging
– state of fatigue, sadness, depression, apathy, lack of self- confidence, pessimism, etc.

Tantra facts.. Tao best practices

We want to mention that all these may appear as consequences of repetead ejaculation in a very short period of time. Some Tantric masters that have studied these aspects discovered the amazing fact that after one single ejaculation, the sexual potential needs 7 days to recover itself. Also, if somehow before the recovery is completed, another ejaculation is produced, the body will tap into other energetic resources, but not without further negative side-effects.

What is more amazing is that most people think that ejaculation is a physiological necessity and they can even get sick without undergoing it, while Tantric masters believe that indeed it is a necessity, but only when we want to procreate and not to limit our pleasure to a few seconds of the ejaculation moment.

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