Angel touch massage

For hundreds of years skin receptors have created a language that is translated in our brains through the act of touching. Touch can induce different sensations, as they are meant to be felt: pain or pleasure. There are different intensities of pain caused by various factors and the same goes for pleasure.
That is why we have created this type of massage, the Angel touch massage, which can induce pleasure in different manners.

The basis of this kind of massage is the soft and tender touch that is applied all over the naked body.
The main effect of the Angel touch massage is healing not only the physical but the emotional, too.
Men, especially, translate the need for tenderness and affection through sex; sometimes they even become violent in the pursuit of it and develop a rough character. It then becomes very difficult for such men to show their need for being treated with tenderness, soft caresses and an affectionate attitude by women. They even deny it and don’t allow women to approach them in this manner.
Nowadays, some men have the belief that only women need soft and tender caresses and that men should be like warriors who feel no pain. At this point, as reminder, we mention that the TAO tradition specifies two fundamental types of energy that compose the entire universe:
The yin energy, feminine and receptive, lunar.
The yang energy, masculine, emissive, solar.

In the human body the yin energy is on the left side of the body and the yang energy is on the right side of the body. For women, yin energy is the dominant one and for men, yang energy is the prevailing one. Needless to say that women can also manifest the yang energy and men can manifest the yin energy. We are built, energetically speaking, with both yin and yang energies. Metaphorically speaking, women have a man inside, and men have a woman inside.
Sometimes we see women acting like men and men acting like women. The cosmic game of these two energies has existed since the beginning of mankind.
Coming back to our Angel touch massage, we consider that even men have the need to be tender, affectionate and receptive and this can be achieved by this type of massage.