Testicle massage

The correspondent organ for female ovaries are the testicles, for men. Ovaries for women represent the storage area of all emotions and feelings. For men also, the testicle area is the one linked to emotions. Therefore, through ovary massage women can release their emotional blockings. This is also possible through lovemaking, or by the use of sex toys. The release of emotional blockings is much more easy to accomplish in the case of men.

This type of massage is practiced in few places as a therapy. Most people consider that testicle massage is not vey important and that the essential part of the sexual massage should be  penis(lingam) massage only.

Tao masters, on the other hand, think that testicle massage is the most important step for releasing all the stress and frustration, especially the emotional one. Most men are not even aware of the emotional tensions they stock until they are touched by experienced masseuses through the art of massage. This is something that prepares men for the experiencing of implossive orgasms, wich are very different than the ordinary discharge. The sexual energy blocked inside the testicles and the surrounding areas is released and this way it can flow through every little corner of the body. This flow will bring pleasure to the entire body, not only a physical one, but also an affective, mental and spiritual bliss.

The maseusse can use different types of movements: alternative, simultaneous ones, soft ones, sometimes stronger ones, but only in the endurance limit. This type of massage has various benefits but most importantly it increases the male hormone secretion and maintains the healthy functions of the sexual male organs. Also, it can have a very profound  positive impact on the impulses transmitted to the  the brain. This kind of massage can be introduced in a love relationship that is confronted with sexual problems like premature ejaculation etc.

 During this massage, very important is the attitude of the maseusse: gentle, kind, worm hearted. Also, this massage should be made in terms of mutual respect both for the one receiving it and for the one who performs it. We hope this kind of massage will ,,touch” your feelings.