Oriental tao massage

Tactile stimulation is a real body language that sometimes proofs to be more important and efficient then communicating through words.
The wise men of the Orient had an intuition about this amazing truth, developing the art of caressing known today under the name of oriental erotic massage. Those masters of the occult knowledge were the beholders of a major secret that says that the fundamental energy of any being is the sexual one and it doesn’t have to be wasted, but conserved, amplified and refined.
The sexual potential – sperm in men and ovules in women – is the source of all the other forms of energy in the body, because the human organism has the capacity to transmute (to transform into energy) the sexual fluids and to re-use the resultant energy, no matter the necessities. In order to use this huge energy we first must become aware of its existence and, second, to have the energetic channels open, so that the flow through them can be free. Modern man, as an effect of the ultra toxic food, stress, frustrations and lack of a healthy sexual education, is not aware of the importance of the inner power that is hidden in the sexual fluids, thus he encounters countless blockings to the energetic channels.
The oriental erotic massage carries out, in a simple, pleasant and efficient way, all of the above mentioned problems by releasing in a harmonious manner the accumulated energies, which leads to solving the internal conflicts that affect sexuality and relationships. Through touches (of different intensities) on the whole skin of the body, this authentic therapeutical method balances and activates the free flow of the energy through body channels, sending it harmoniously into the entire being. At the same time, this type of massage helps us in gaining a good control over our sexual potential that will become the source of our physical, mental and affective health, by amplifying our state of happiness. The free flow of the sexual energy through the entire body will have, as a good result, the growth in vitality, physical strength, but also emotional and mental balance.
Last but not least, the oriental erotic massage teaches one of the most powerful forms of communication meant for relaxation and exchange of the energies in couple relationships. By applying the techniques of the erotic massage with perseverance, we open the path to a fulfilling and happy love life, with rejuvenating effects upon all the other levels of the being. Receiving an erotic massage unifies the mind and the body, improves the awareness upon sensations and increases the capacity to control pleasure by helping us to prolong at will, no matter for how long, the sublime ecstasy in our private life.