Sensual massage is a natural form of massage

Energy, modern life and sensuality

Human body is a complex structure, allowing us to have all the wonderful experiences in the real world. This structure can as well deliver and receive energy (be it thermic, mechanical, physical or mental). Any form of harmonious interaction with the environment makes this structure vibrate. It thus comes to resonate in tune with similar energies from the universe.

In addition to the qualities of energy transmitter and receiver, the human body has the ability to transform and alchemize the energies. It has also an amazing ability to self-regulate and self-balance, especially when it receives a minimum support.
We live in an era of speed, space flights and digital information. We live in a world where comfort, hygiene and quality services are no longer a luxury for many of us. The life of contemporary man has undoubtedly many advantages compared to the life of his predecessors. But besides advantages, current lifestyle gives a higher level of stress, tension and energy consumption. The delicate balance of the body can be easily disrupted, thus increasing the risk of illness and degeneration.

Tao and energy fields

Taoist tradition bases its teachings on the fundamental opposition between yin feminine energy and yang masculine energy. The feminine energy is predominant in women, while the masculine energy is predominant in men. Together they form and create everything that exists. Uniting and balancing these two essential energies in the human body lead to a harmonious development of human being.
Sensual massage is a natural form of massage, which takes into account the natural flow of energy along the energy channels. Thus Tao erotic massage uses in a wise way these channels, as well as the polarization between the energies of men and women interacting during the massage itself.

Tao Sensual massage

 Tao erotic massage aims, in a first stage, to spread the energies along the body. The next step is to unblock and decongest areas where energy stagnates or is blocked. When the body reaches a deep state of relaxation, the massage moves to a new stage. In this stage all the energies are directed to the central river of energy flowing along the spine. This large river goes from the sacral area, till the top of the head. Through specific movements, the little streams of energy scattered all around the body are gradually brought to this central riverbed.
In this stage, through refined caresses and touches, the sexual energies are slowly awakened. These passionate and powerful energies are then permeating our world of emotions. Thus feelings of happiness, joy, freedom and joy appear one by one, with increasing intensity. And things do not stop here. For the natural inflow of energy from one sphere of energy into another, more subtle and deeper one, goes on continuously.
When the emotional sphere reaches the effervescence point, the energies are passing gradually to the world of ideas. Here the mind discovers brilliant inspirations, endless ways to gain knowledge. And finally, the energy reaches the spiritual world, where the being rests into the plenitude of divine celestial peace.

Sacral area of body

 In the Tao erotic massage, energy balancing and polarization start on the sacral area, from the sources of our being. Then the energies are guided to flow upwards, only along the central channel of energy. Thus they go up gradually, flowing forth into the ocean of happiness from the top of the head, the celestial region of being.
Physical sensation perception is closely related to abdominal and sacral area, respectively, to the part of the center channel of energy from that area. Therefore the massage begins with tactile, physical sensations.
When the physical level is harmonized and balanced, the energies are more refined. They go up to the next level of subtlety, corresponding to the upper torso area. Here follows the balance and harmonization of energies on the emotional level. At this stage, the dissipation of emotional tensions occurs naturally, followed by a state of euphoric inner peace.

Emotional, mental and physical levels

 When the emotional level is harmonized and balanced, the process of refining the energy leads us to the next level of subtlety. This is the mental level, having the head as correspondent on the physical body. And here comes a state when the mind is calming down and the thoughts flow can even be suspended for certain periods of time.
And finally, the last stage of balancing and harmonizing of the being implies to bring all the energies to the top of the head.
Tantric texts describe in a poetic way the energy center from the top of the head as a lotus with a thousand petals. Here is the ocean where all the rivers of our body are flowing in. This is the celestial ocean which bathes the heights of our soul and purify our being. When the big river of energy of our being flow in the great celestial ocean, paradoxically, the celestial ocean energy overflows and bathes in waves of ecstatic bliss the entire being, making it more spiritual, more awake.

Experience more- live more

We may ask, rightly, what happens after all those wonderful experiences of happiness, fulfillment, harmony and inner plenitude?
No matter how many answers we might try to give it, however, the best answer is given by our own direct experience.
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