Introduction to Tantra massage and its origins


Introduction to Tantra

Tantra, or tantrism, was born more than 5,000 years ago in the area of ancient India. It is a path of self-realization, a path of consciousness and evolution. It is a science of connection to the universe. According to Tantra, everything is sacred, nothing is profane. There is no duality, good or bad. The divine – or the energies of the universe, no matter what it is called – is present in this world in all things and, above all, in ourselves.

The ultimate goal of Tantra is to become aware of this non-duality, to feel that we are one with the whole universe, that there is no barrier between us and existence, and that we are connected with all things and all beings. To be in harmony with oneself is then to be in harmony with the whole universe. Since everything is connected, we must first arrive at unity in ourselves in order to feel this cosmic unity.

Tantra massage

As the name suggests, this unique massage has its roots in the Tantra science. Tantra is a path by which one can achieve expansion of their consciousness and can achieve creativity, liberation and freedom with no limits such as a divine experience. It is an approach of sexuality in a sacred way. It is an experience that goes beyond attaining sexual benefits and satisfaction. Tantra massage approaches the body as a divine temple and focuses on the inner being through sacred nurturing and touch.

This massage is a life changing experience, for both men and women. The sensual, delicate, gentle touches the masseuse performs on your naked body will unleash the energy within the energy centers (chakras) and also the sexual energy (Kundalini) at the base of the spine. When the sexual energy is released it has the potential to heal and transform someone. It removes sexual, emotional blockages and can heal wounds, it has the capacity to heal intimacy wounds.

Living in the present moment

The recognition of our vital energies is through listening to our body and being aware of what is going on there. But in our society, the mind has largely taken precedence over the other poles (emotions, feelings, instincts), of which we are much less attentive. Our mind is constantly busy to sift the past or to project oneself into the future, rather than live the present.

Now, knowledge and understanding are possible only by being totally present, living fully the moment, the experience. There is no real intelligence, there can be full understanding only when there is a perfect harmony between intellectual and emotional levels. Tantra massage offers exercises to stop the uninterrupted functioning of our mind. In order to reach knowledge, to consciousness, it is desirable to approach everything with a new, fresh and innocent spirit. It is therefore important to be free from the past from moment to moment, to dissolve in every experience. In short, to live in the present moment and to approach everything with total freshness.

Rather than intellectual understanding, distorted by the ego, Tantra insists on individual experience and feeling. Living in the present moment can take us to a spiritual experience, to pure bliss.