Deep relaxation and a new sensuality through Tantra massage


The science of Tantra and Tantra massage

The term “tantra” originates from Sanskrit and signifies the “connection” or the physical and spiritual union of a person and its harmonization with the whole universe. Tantric practices unify the contradictory aspects of the self (masculine and feminine, spirit and physical, dark and light, etc.) in a harmonious whole.

Tantra massage, energetic and devotional care par excellence, is able to act beneficially on your emotional balance, to positively influence your physical as well as psychic health, to gradually stimulate your personal energy, and to harmoniously awaken your sensual potential.

Tantra massage is recommended for men and women, but also for couples. A session of Tantra massage offers a deep relaxation and a vivified circulation of your vital energy.

Tantra massage is distinguished by the use of sexual energy for the purpose of accessing a spiritual elevation. The practice of Tantra was born in the Himalayas in India more than 9000 years ago. Religious leaders then viewed the sexual act as a ritual leading to inner liberation and a higher state of consciousness.

Today, Tantra massage based on the principles of Tantra activates all parts of the body by reinforcing the classic massage by soliciting the genitals. This type of massage is the ideal solution to achieve a perfect relaxation of body and mind, with the possibility of achieving orgasm.

Deep and total relaxation with Tantra massage

A massage always helps to get rid of stress, but none is like Tantra massage. Indeed, Tantra massage goes beyond the relaxation of the body aiming at your well-being on all the levels: physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual. At the end of the session, you will feel co­­­mpletely revitalized.

A better control of breathing with Tantra massage

During a Tantra massage session, you are taught, by professional masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage, different breathing techniques that have already proven their benefits. First, these techniques reinforce the effects of massage, but they also teach you how to control your breathing and at the same time, your natural reactions. This is ideal for cases of premature ejaculation.

Emotional equilibrium with Tantra massage

Beyond physical relaxation, Tantra massage aims for your emotional well-being and helps you to overcome obstacles that hinder your personal development. Each session of Tantra massage is a lesson in which the pleasure you get gives you confidence in yourself and your self-esteem, leading to a better personal balance in everyday life.

Pleasure and a new sensuality with Tantra massage

A Tantra massage session brings relaxation to all your muscles, deep well-being and a new sexual vitality. Often, stimulation of massage will result in increasing arousal to orgasm, although this is not the main goal.

By entrusting your body to another person, you get to know yourself better and to better live your sensuality. The massage forces you to eliminate your fears and everything that’s blocking you. You rediscover each part of your body under the expert hands of your masseuse.