The pleasure in the tantric massage has to be always very well controlled

Pleasure and tantric massage

The pleasure in the tantric massage follows the principles in tantra, principles that are very well definite and sought to be applied as best as possible each time. Among these, the tantra principles of controlling the energies and never let them manifest themselves chaotically. Energies are carefully applied in the tantric massage also.


Tantric massage energies


Tantra admits that one of the greatest potentials in the human being is the erotically energy. Thus from this derives its concern to maintain these energies in the best state possible. The erotically energy are not to be lost and this is why ejaculation is never desired.

For tantra, the ejaculation means nothing more the loss of a very important energy. It is a habit as unhealthy as well-spread in the world. But tantra does not accept it, but instead offers another perspective, more spiritual. It has to be maintained, preserved and orientated upwards through the subtle body of the human being.


Sexual energy in pleasured tantric massage

Tantra acts upon the sexual potential as long as it it is a subtle form, as energy. The flow of the erotically energy is inversed, instead of going downstairs as usual, it will go upwards by a careful focus.

The person offering the tantric massage is very attentive at this aspect. Also  she is directing the energies to the upper levels of the human being. The upper movement of the erotically energies is made through the aid of certain modalities. Therefore  attentive focusing and techniques derived from tantra are a must have!

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