The qualities of the masseuse in the tantric massage

Some of the qualities required for a masseuse in the tantric massage


The tantric massage is a reunion of special techniques, an applying of an art of evolution, of beauty and harmony and of touch and pleasure. Its multiple beneficial effects come from the diversity of the aspects involved.

Care and art of massage

First,  it is important the care of the appearance of the masseuse.

Second, her knowledge in the art of the massage.


Third, the ability to create the specific ambiance or her capacity of elevating the energies.

Besides the techniques and modalities that are necessary to be known by the masseuse, appears the note of unity due to the characteristics of each masseuse.

Her own way of touching

In her own way of approaching the massage and through her own particularities as a woman, she leads to diverse beneficial effects in the person being massaged.


Beauty and harmony in tantric massage

Because the tantric massage is a massage in which we meet beauty, harmony and welfare, the masseuse should be able to bring all these qualities during the massage. As well as through the actions she does, through the maneuvers and techniques. And also as well as her specific way of being too.

We can add to all this the care for the space. Therefore we will create a special atmosphere, a magical one. Thus  her capacity of awakening and harmonizing the energies during the massage are at best.

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