Steps for a perfect Tantra massage in Bucharest

Entering the world of massages may bring joys and delights never met before. And we are not speaking of simple and very common massages, therapeutically or relaxation massages, but we are referring at the best that this world of massages can offer: the tantric massages are the ones that include the biggest variety of sensations and pleasures, as well as the finest techniques and maneuvers for a successful massage.

The tantra massage is a very complex type of massage and this is one cause of its popularity and of its multiple varieties of benefits. It includes the therapeutically effects, the sensuality met in the body-to-body massage and the techniques for relaxation and for the activation of certain points well-known in acupuncture.

Although all these are important benefits of the tantric massage and despite its popularity, the tantric massage is not yet extremely popular, as its benefits would recall for it. And having the opportunity of receiving this type of massage may seem simple but, in fact, it can prove to be not such an easy thing to get. Many aspects can interfere there. Till the great benefits of the tantric massage fully convince the one who tries it for the first time, there are some old ideas and principles that may need to get rid of. The tantric massage is for the one not used to it, a totally new experience. If he didn’t know much before about the tantric philosophy and the tantric principles, this could mean a reorientation of its interest and of its perspective. But in order to receive the new ideas, to fully understand them and to accept them, it is necessary to let go the old ones and to be open at new. Openness to a new perspective is the key for being ready to access another realm of pleasure, more profound and more complex. A world where the pleasure is not the only aspect met, but the path for extraordinary sensorial experiences.

The old principles that may be needed to be abandoned refer at principles dealing with the sexuality and about what exactly one can get when asking for an erotic massage nowadays. The sexuality is an essential part in the tantric philosophy and the preoccupation for this  important aspect in people’s lives goes back in the ancient times just as this spiritual path, tantra, goes. How is now sexuality understood in the world, especially in the western cultures, has significant differences with the principles of this valuable and ancient philosophy. The need and command of preservation the energy, the extreme value put on the sexual potential of humans met in the real and genuine tantra is something totally uncommon and rarely met outside of it. Also, the erotic massages provided nowadays and the salons called erotic salons may often be just another name for a place where sexual services are offered. In fact, a true tantric or erotic massage can offer an extraordinary experience without having to deal with sex and without involving it. The sexual energy can be activated, transmuted, sublimated, refined or amplified apart from having sex and tantra teaches how this is totally possible.

If one is ready to receive all this new ideas and to open himself for this new sensorial experience, he may find himself not at all disappointed and, in the same time, he finds a new, sensual and delicious experience ahead of him.