Tantra massage energy- the control panel of our sexual energy

Tantra massage- the control panel of our sexual energy

The normal ejaculation that most people are confusing with the term orgasm is loosing energy, nothing to do with the orgasm.
In Tao tradition, we are teached how to preserve the sexual energy that we normally loose through ejaculation and how to recycle, amplify it and refine it.

In this way, we are keeping this energy inside our body and transform it, like a new battery of great capacity, when you were used only with discharged one.


What can we do or feel with this new energy battery? Is tantra massage energy good or bad?

Most of all, in our sexual life, we can experience new and unimaginable sensations, wordless. Its a new idea about a new us! Long time ago nobody thought that we can fly by airplane, now, its so common. Same with the implosion orgasm.

Tantra massage can be a very useful tool in learning how to control the sexual energy. Also is very useful in how to get aware of it inside our bodies, how to work with it.

Our body is a beautiful system that responds to new ideas and resets.

We only need to be open!

As an analogy: normal ejaculation can take us up 10% of the mountain route. After the discharge, we go back to where we started. The sensations are limited strictly to the genital areas, and some pulsations, a kind of superficial relaxation and then the energy flies away unable to use it inside our bodies.


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