Steps to be followed during the real tantric massage

We recommend few steps to be followed during a real tantric massage

The tantric massage begins with the massage of the dorsal part of the body and gets to the anterior one, once upgraded the sensuality and intimacy. At the beginning, the back zone is massaged first, a zone which accumulates lots a tensions. For this, the massage of the muscles included in the tantric massage is quit accentuated. Here we find big and important muscles and their relaxation is very necessary. But even this area of the body can receive sensual touches which awakens the erotically energies.

Steps about erotical zones

Then comes the massage of the nates, an erotically zone by excellence, but which also contains big muscles to relax. After this, the sensual moves have now a first apogee. Hence this whole zone will enjoy the touches of the breasts, stomach, knees or elbows of the masseuse.


Massage of legs?

For massaging the legs, the massage of the muscles is quit similar as in a classical somatic massage. But also here there can be used, in the end, elements of the sensual massage. A slow and soft passing by, all over the length of the legs with the breasts will lead to delicious sensations.

Advice regarding body to body touching

Once the man lays on his back, any touch becomes more erotically, as the anterior part of the body is more sensitive. We work on the muscles from the stomach and chest level also, but we don’t forget the maneuvers for body-to-body. We reach here another apogee of erotically sensations, by touching softly the chest of the man with the masseuse’s breasts.  Generally, this is one of the most pleasant and desirable sensations in the whole tantric massage. We don’t forget about the anterior parts of the legs and also the arms, the place where lots of meridians and energetically layouts meet.


Ending a real tantric massage

The tantric massage ends with the massage of the head, where we insist on the relaxation of certain points well-known in the presso-puncture (a lot in this area) and by energetic union of the whole body.  Balancing the energies and techniques of rising them up will give a magnificent end to the tantric massage.




Relax and enjoy our girls erotic tantric massage!