The sensuality in the tantric massage

Sensuality in the tantric massage- sharing and having

Just as in the erotically massage, the tantric massage emphasizes the erotically energy in the human being. These energies have a great place in the tantric massage and the concern for them is one of the specifics in the tantric massage and the erotically massage.


Sensuality is shared by both the two participants

The person offering the massage also express her erotically energies, but not directly, but through the sensuality that she manifests. I must tell you sensuality plays a great role in the tantric massage. It is something shared both by the person offering the massage and the one receiving it.

The person receiving the massage feels her erotically energies being awaken more and more, but in a controlled manner. It is a specific of the tantric massage, to work with controlled energies of the person being massaged. Due to the relaxation and soft touches that are received by the person, he feels an increased level of the sexual energies and sensuality in his own being.


The erotically potential is partially manifested through the tantric massage.  Also you can feel the power of controlling the energies that are awaken there. Of course this is made with the help of the masseuse and for this, she’d better be an experimented person.


Working with the erotically energies of other beings is not an easy thing, as these energies may be huge. But to control them it is something made step by step and adapting the approach and the techniques for each person is a must-do in every tantric massage.