Tantra Massage – Surrendering to the Bliss of sexual energy


How is Tantra a path of transformation?

Tantra is a path of transformation because it is a path of expansion of consciousness. There are ways for everyone to get to know each other and try to transform their wounds, but often too much in an intellectual way, especially using the mind. Tantra proposes to experience consciousness through the body, releasing the mind.

Any mental awareness felt by the body as truth is integrated, more or less rapidly. To receive a professional Tantra massage is the opportunity to discover what is happening in us, what our body tells of its history, and what sexual energy unfolds by awakening and circulating in the body.

The physical body is the privileged instrument of expanding the field of human consciousness but it is also its obstacle. Our identification with the ego was built on sensory and then intellectual perceptions. Tantra massage is a return to the source, in the deep intimacy of being, in the seizing of the most flamboyant perceptions.

Surrender to the experience of a Tantra massage

Tantra massage implies an abandonment of the inherited identification, not in a simple intellectual progression but primarily in a sensory way. During the Tantra massage session the body brings to light the shadows and also the beauty of the soul.

Tantra massage offers this possibility of letting go in a professional and well defined way. Letting go is liberating, it is accepting who we are. It is also and above all a question of self-confidence and Tantra massage offers this opportunity for reparation. Professional masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage are there to offer you deep relaxation, so that you can abandon yourself to pleasure, intimacy, to be free from fears, taboos, limiting thoughts.

Tantra massage is about sexual energy, our vital energy and the sexual dimension of the body. Delicate or firm touches offered by the masseuse’s hands all over your naked body will make you aware of the sexual energy that pulsates in you. Her experienced touch will drive this sexual energy up through your body, from the base of the spine up to the head.

A Tantra massage session goes “step by step”, the masseuse performing the massage is listening to you and your body’s reaction. You get to experience the acceptance of nudity, self-confidence, self-esteem, learn to love yourself, to respect yourself, to assert yourself. To feel that one’s body is alive, a source of pleasure and in good health is already repairing.

Tantra massage can be therapeutic because it puts us in front of ourselves. Tantra massage acts like a mirror. At each massage something will emerge from us, something deep or light but always teaching about oneself. Our emotional armour will be released gradually, under the effect of the free circulation of our vital energy (sexual energy).

Tantra massage is an awakening massage of being in a spiritual dimension. An “inner journey” massage that is truly liberating and rejuvenating in the first place. Through Tantra massage we can access modified states of consciousness, the feeling of unity, the presence to oneself, sovereignty, the awareness of our belonging to the universe and the energy connections that tie us all. All of this, by surrendering to the Bliss of sexual energy.