The tantric massage and its beneficial touches

The tantric massage – the equivalent for beneficial touches


The tantric massage can offer more joy and pleasure then other types of massages because it includes various types of massages and because of the particularities of its touches. Certain types of touches go for certain parts of the tantric massage. When the relaxation is the purpose, there are needed some specific types of touches. Hence, when the arousal of the erotic energy is aimed by the masseuse, there are other touches involved.

The touch is in every massage

The touch is the royal modality of offering pleasure in the massages, all kinds.
Part of the joy felt during a massage is due to its specific ”tool”, the touch. It is well-known the importance of the touches in the normal development of the human being during its entire life. From small babies to adult person, everyone has but to gain from soft, caressing touches.


The massage itself is the apology of touching, the more sophisticated and professional, the more pleasure brought up.
The massages focus on the touches as the most important way of accomplishing its therapeutically goal. It is the primary ”engine” for fulfilling the needs of a person seeking relaxation and soft therapy.

The most complex of the human senses

Every sense of the human being can make her perceive a variety of sensations. The most refined perceptions lead to the most pleasant feelings and sensations. But among all the human senses, we can consider the touch being the most complex one, due to the multitude of the ways the touch can be performed. Due to the variety of the stimulus. And the sensations ago, according to this, on a very large spectrum.


Different purposes of the touches involved in a massage

When making a massage, one must ”tune” his touches according to the needs of the person receiving the massage. Relaxation requires more firm touches, not so delicate and well orientated to the muscles needed to be worked upon. Energetically balancing requires soft touches and the tantric massage needs erotically and sensual touches.

For me, as a masseuse I must follow some indications.


I am attentive to the rhythm, the speed, the hard or soft pressure. All of them  are important details in a good massage and emphasize the type of the massage being performed. I don’t have to told you they all follow the type of the touches needed in a very exact moment.

For me it will be a pleasure to have you in our salon.

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