Types of erotic massages and tantric ones

The tantric massage includes different types of erotic massages

In these way, by combining different types of massage, the effects are cumulative.

The tantric massage offers the fulfillment, the joy and the wellness through many types of effects that occurs. The predominance is of the sensual touch and the erotically arousal made in a controlled manner. But this comes after the body is very relaxed and the state of wellness is already there because of the complete relaxation experienced by the person: physical, but not only.

Sensual dimension of erotic massage

The sensual dimension of a tantric massage is given by the body to body massage and the soft, sensual touches all over the body. But it is always preceded by the relaxation maneuvers. So it contains relaxation massage, for the beginning. Then it also includes secrets, modalities and techniques for releasing the energies. These are parts of oriental knowledge of the flow of the energy on specific paths.


The tantric massage is a holistic manner of bringing harmony and health

Every part of the body gains the release of the blocked energies through the massage. And this comes along with the deeply harmonization, because a tense body can’t be harmonious.
Working on the energetically paths offers the harmonization of the whole body.

The person being massaged feels more and more relaxed, harmonious and gets more equilibrium in her inner being.


The whole body functions better because of the fulfillment and joy brought up. And this is a prophylactically method as the tenses are keep at distance. The best way of maintaining the health is to prevent disease and massages helps a lot in this direction.


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