The 5 energies that can sustain a strong and stable erection

The sexual wisdom and love in TAO influence about 5 types of energy that are necessary to produce a powerful erection and a long lasting angle of erection; these kinds of energies are the main components of the sexual health of a man; if one of them is missing, the sexual male function will suffer disorder and that will affect the entire behavior of a man, not only sexually speaking but also from other types of interactions’ point of view.

And these energies are:
1. The emotional energy: any kind of nervosity, irritability, emotional problems, distracting the attention can interrupt an erection. Men, as well as women, can suffer from emotional problems, but in an lighter manner.
2. The bone energy: bone cancer, fragile bones, weak kidneys, arthritis, arthrosis, can be very serious contributors to stopping the erection sometimes completely.
3. The stretching energy: the insufficient capacity of stretching and mobility of the tendons, ligaments and muscles blocks the erection.
4. The muscle energy: muscle pains in the body or excessive training in body building, as well as all the chemicals used for the muscle growth can affect the erection, sometimes irrevocably.
5. The blood energy: any heart problems or circulatory system failures can generate erection issues.