The perfect match between the erotic energy and the  spiritual one in the tantra massage

The tantra massage, along with its much simpler form, the erotic massage, is a celebration of beauty, harmony, refined sensuality and blissful experiences. The erotic massage can be considered, in a way, only a part of the tantra massage, it is not as complex as this one. But it shares, just the same, the desire for uplifting the sexual energy, the directing of the erotically one and the better use of the sensuality present in any human being.

The tantra massage contains also the spiritual aspect, being though much more then an erotic massage

What differentiate the most the two types of massages, both of them very sensual and pleasant, is the spiritual aspect present in the tantra massage. This one contains erotic massage all the way during the session, but it contains also more than that. It is the concrete appliance of the ancient tantric philosophy and this reflects in the whole session of the massage. It is the concrete manifestation of a spiritual philosophy and the application of spiritual principles, adapted for a form of relaxation, joy and pleasure by touches.

The spiritual side of the tantric massage offers more. It is about going deep in our being, into our soul and accessing the wonders there

So when we want to get the most we possibly can in this world of massages, we will turn our attention to the tantra massage. It is right there that we can find more then sensuality and pleasure of the senses. We can discover other pleasures and enchantments offered by deeper aspects that may occur in an extraordinary experience. Deeper and more profound estates, feelings and experiences that touch our soul, that uplift us spiritually and imply evolution are to be all found here, in this type of massage. It is a way of growing in the spiritual meaning of the word and it is the perfect occasion to understand how the spiritual energy and the sexual one bonds and influence each other like in a perfect game.

The bond between the erotically energy and the spiritual one in a tantra massage

We can see how the sexual or erotically energy may be a real ”engine” for transformation, the main ingredient in an alchemical process. The result is the spiritual energy, easier to get to and to achieve under these pleasant circumstances.

The soft and pleasant caresses of the masseuse on the body of the guest lead to ecstatic sensations and activation of the erotically energy in his being. The right and adequate maneuvers she makes now are for uplifting these energies aroused before and conducting them in an ascension. The vertical direction is needed for the activation and arousal of the spiritual energies. The energies aroused downstairs simply ”feed” the upper ones.They will sustain each other in a specific manner and like in a magic, which is specific for the alchemy and the tantric processes. Therefor, we will find it in the tantra massage, also.

The tantra massage is putting together in a strong connection these two energies, the sexual one and the spiritual one. They mark this type of massage in a distinctive way, making possible the use of the first one in order to get the second one during processes which may seem almost magical.