The tantra massage – something more than a simple erotic massage

The world of pleasure opens its gates with the well-known massages, but among them, not so well are the tantra massages. Even they can be the leader in this world of pleasant massages, their fame is not as big as of other types of massages.

People know well that there are many sorts of massages, one more enchanting than the other, but when speaking about the maximum pleasure, the erotic and the tantra massage are the undoubtedly leaders in this domain. They focus on pleasure much more than other massages do. In fact, in the erotic pleasure, this is the main aim – the pleasure. And the way offered, through awakening the erotic energies in the being, makes it similar to pure pleasure.

All the massages, no matter what sort they are, offer pleasure and this is simply a result of them. Even if we think about simple work over the tensed muscles or at the releasing the tensions in the guest’s being, we are sure that there we met pleasure. But other’s massages’ purposes are not necessarily the pleasures offered, and, for sure, not those obtained in an erotic manner. Not the awakening and flourishing of the erotic energies are the ones that determine the pleasure in those massage.

Resemblances between the tantra and the erotic massages

Both tantra massage and the erotic one focus on the pleasure they offer. Their pleasure has a powerful erotic tinge, the pleasure appeared there is due to the awakening of the erotic energies, in the first place and then to the work upon these energies. They both use the knowledge of offering the pleasure by sensual and soft caresses and touches.

Sensuality plays a big role in these kinds of massages. First of all, because of the touches, the moves and the caresses which enchant the guest’s body. They are filled with sensuality, a refined and glamorous one. Then, because of the sensuality awaken in the being of the guest, as working with its erotic energies leads to this effect. And then, not in the last place, due to the sensuality present in the being of the masseuse. It is like she shares her energies with the guest, feeding him with them and feeding him with her sensuality in the same time.

Both these two types of massages understand the erotic energy as being like an engine for pleasure, for transformation, for special estates. They are based on it and they lift the work upon these energies at a level of art.
The tantra massage as a more complex form of the erotic massage

But the tantra massage is much more than the erotic massage. No matter how pleasant an erotic massage can become, the tantra massage will always be more than an erotic one, as it includes other aspects, besides those specific to the erotic massage.

Because the tantra massage is a reflection and a concrete appliance of the tantra philosophy, it follows its principles and its care for preserving the erotic energy and not wasting it by ejaculation. The maneuvers in the massage are oriented towards this aim.

As long as for the erotic massage the pleasure is the ultimate aim, for the tantra massage the pleasure is just a path which leads to ecstatic pleasure, to higher states and to self-transformation when appealed in the right manner.