Tantra massage – what love has to do with it?


Importance of touch

Tantra massage is more than just a massage. Tantra develops the art of the relationship with oneself and the other. Tantra massage allows to restore a corporal communication, which could be conflictual between partners. Where speech can be difficult and poor to express feelings or sensations, thanks to Tantra massage, touch takes over. Tantrism tends towards a way of life where one combines well-being, desire and spirituality.

Tantra massage appeals to your receptiveness, and your ability to give up. Listening and curious of the other, the masseuse will awaken, unequivocally, the natural sensuality of the body, source of our pleasure of course, but also of our vitality.

Tantra massage and love

As the cognitive sciences show, love is the feeling of an inner momentum whose motivations are lost in the depths of our cells. In a totally unconscious way, and encoded in our DNA, attraction and love are biologically based on the more or less strong production of a cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters.

The path to one’s heart is by touch. Soft, gentle, delicate, smooth touches, in a slow tempo, sometimes faster, felt all over your body, that will make you aware of the energy inside you. This is just a part from what you will receive on a Tantra massage session performed in a professional salon specialized in the art of Tantra massage. Tantra massage can awaken the senses and awaken new or unexplored sensations.

Tantra considers that sexuality can lead to a form of ecstasy, both physical and spiritual

During a session of Tantra massage performed in a professional salon, specialized therapists will touch all over your body, not only the erogenous zones, in a gentle, delicate way in order to awake desire and the sexual energy.  Tantra massage will transcend you on a state of deep relaxation, and will awake your sexual energy, make you aware of your desire. The masseuse will guide you through the process, teach you how to breathe in order to be aware of the huge energy inside your body and how to raise it from the base of the spine up to the head. Energy is unlocked and mental, emotional blockages are removed. You can disconnect from your daily stress. True happiness can be felt during a Tantra massage session. Tantra massage brings you to the present moment.

Being aware of the sexual energy and the present moment, one can be more open to the other. When we talk about sexuality and love, touch should be at the center of the debate. Tantra massage will influence our relationships which will then be placed under the sign of pleasure. Tantra massage teaches you how to give and receive pleasure. Tantra massage teaches you how to awake the desire in you and your partner.

Tantra massage is not just relaxing, pleasure is the rendezvous, the body awakens to the senses. Tantra massage also allows to “recover” the taste for love, sensuality and sharing. It’s also a way of letting go and a break to recognize your own needs.

Tantra massage profoundly modifies the quality in a relation

Tantra massage allows a rediscovery of the other, the quality of its skin, its breath, its curves, its sensuality. There is the idea to awaken, to go beyond what is believed of oneself and the other, to feel love.