Tantra massage – major benefits


Massage is what you could define as a procedure through which another person works your muscles just by exerting the right pressure to relieve pain and reduce stress. Tantra massage is quite similar, but unlike traditional massage, it is a rather different experience and involves healing, nudity, intimate parts and often orgasm.

The basics :

Tantra massage is a practice that differs from traditional massage because it incorporates the tantric essence of shakti (also called energy). This form of massage eliminates the blockages faced by modern people, whether physical, mental, emotional, sexual or even psychosomatic.

While one might think that Tantra massage is all about hallucinating orgasms, at a professional salon specialized in Tantra massage you will understand that orgasms are not the ultimate goal of this type of massage. While one of the benefits of this sacred practice is increased pleasure and orgasmic potential, it should be seen as a pleasant byproduct, not the main goal.

What is Tantra massage?

For starters, during a session of Tantra massage, you usually do not wear clothes (unless you’re not comfortable naked). First, you are massaged all over your body with hot oil. Massage and touch act to awaken your erotic energy and spread it throughout your body. You can experience a lot of different reactions in your body, your thoughts and your emotions during the Tantra massage.

Professional, experienced masseuses are there to answer to whatever questions you want to ask or share of what you feel during the Tantra massage session. Masseuses will massage and touch all over your body with love and respect.

The benefits of Tantra massage:

This practice, Tantra massage, has many advantages. These can include, improving health and vitality, treating common sexual dysfunctions of men and women, unlocking clogged emotions, lighting up and achieving spiritual awakening, improving orgasmic potential and pleasure, reducing stress, promoting relaxation.

You must know that Tantrism is a practice where the notion of duality does not exist. In Tantra, it is said that everything is the result of the union between a female creative principle (the goddess Shakti) and a male fertilizing principle (the god Shiva). This means that the opposites unite, merge (masculine and feminine, Ying and Yang, spirit and matter) to form a whole and allow to reach the sacred ecstasy.

The practice of Tantra massage brings well-being at different levels (as much as regards the spiritual and psychic aspects as for the sexual, physical and relational aspects). And while it is difficult to list all these benefits, we can still say of this practice that it allows:

– The awakening of the senses,

– Shared communion,

– Better circulation of energies,

– The elevation of consciousness,

– A state of relaxation (mental, physical and emotional),

– The development of the relationship to oneself and to the other,

– To restore body communication,

– To reaffirm love, sensuality,

– To know another form of pleasure,

– To stimulate the body as a whole,

– To know the abandonment, the dissolution of the ego.

– To become aware of non-duality.