Why us?

10 Relevant and outstanding reasons why you should visit Oriental massage

If you have not visited many massage salons, it's normal but also very probable that you lack the experience which can help you choose the type of massage that best suits your style. Like any industry, the advertisment, glamorous pictures way of approaching will certainly try their most to capture your attention. Let's say you're in the mood for a massage and start by typing some words on Google: "Bucharest massage". Next, you wander around between dozens of pages saying to offer the best massage of your life and, puzzled as you are, you could be going randomly to the one with the best looking pictures. But how about knowing a few things before throwing the money and taking your clothes off at a massage parlor:

#1 The services

Of course, the most important aspect of going to a massage is...the massage itself! When going for a massage, the main things you should look after are: a quality sensual massage that includes a thorough relaxation massage. Here at Oriental massage we offer a professional massage, which includes acupressure techniques from the Chinese massage tradition, with the purpose of opening the subtle channels (meridians) in order for the energy (chi) to flow freely and contribute to the harmonization of the whole subtle and physical structure. But don't worry, it doesn't get too technical, because our massage also includes elements of sensual body-to-body massage, which is a soothing delight for the senses and an intimate interaction between you and the masseuse, all taking place on an affectionate background and a spiritual conversation.

#2 The time

A truly good, accomplished massage also depends on the duration allocated to it. A minimum one hour is required in order to access all the parts of the body, to approach them by light touch, strong touch or body to body massage, which opens up the structures on many levels. Any massage that lasts less than one hour will probably feel hurried and superficial.

# 3 The purpose

Compared to a shallow experience of a hurried discharge, the Oriental massage can offer a profound experience based on the principles of sexual continence or control of the sexual energy. By employing the sexual energy in more ways than just to obtain a single, flimsy moment of pleasure, one can energize the superior parts of his subtle structures in order to become a healthier, wiser, more intelligent, charismatic or loving person.

# 4 The complexity

Don't settle for a common, one-dimensional massage, but search for a full experience of the body, mind and soul. If you choose to discover the Oriental massage, you will leave our place feeling that you've learnt something new, that you've had quality conversation and that on the whole, the experience was fulfilling and distinctive. In order to achieve a full relaxation, the whole body needs to be massaged in detail, focusing especially on the back area and the reflexology points. Only after these necessary stages, the massage can be considered tantric. Tantra always uses the principle of encompassing a whole aspect, structure or, in this case, being, and not letting anything behind. This means that a true tantric massage always includes a thorough relaxation and the transmutation stage which together form a complete experience, unaltered by any sense of lacking one may have because of the simplicity of the techniques.

# 5 The staff

All the masseuses at Oriental massage have a special professional training. They are specialized in oriental massage, posses knowledge on acupressure points and meridians, on methods of transmutation and sublimation of the energy and of the mysteries behind the polar energies. Also, they have specific massage techniques regarding the couple massage, in order to harmonize the two.

# 6 The principle

Perhaps the most unique aspect about our massage salon is the idea and belief system what our massage is based upon. Tantra is neither philosophy, nor religion in the dogmatic sense of this term. And yet it doesn’t oppose neither of them. Taoism evolved through close observation of nature and was essentially matriarchal in its philosophy of life. The Tao, "the Way", recognized the order of nature throughout the universe- in causality, change, and the interplay of the female and male cosmic principles of Yin and Yang.

#7 The ambiance

The Chinese people know the importance and the influence of the environment upon our state of spirit and our thoughts, therefore they invented the science of Feng Shui which considers that the human being, the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether are closely connected through energy, chi. Here at Oriental Massage we are aware of all these aspects and ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our guests, following the Feng Shui principles. You will find yourself in an oriental ambiance, with romantic candles, paintings, mirrors and inspired music. We know that things can have a lot more shades than we've pictured in this article; but when you realize all this practically, you may find a lot more enchanting reasons to come back and deepen your experience, and why not, you may find that there's much more to discover than we can express through words!