Some benefits of the prenatal tantric massage

Some benefits of the prenatal tantric massage

In the last 15-20 years, medical research and investigation had proved the benefits of the therapeutic massage in improving overall prenatal health for pregnant women.


Prenatal massage has multiple positive effects.

It had also shown that massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care as it addresses the discomfort associated with various transformations brought in by the changes in the hormones’ levels.

The first and the last trimester of the pregnancy is often a forbidden period for massage. But, tantric massage is allowed!


Tantric prenatal massage and his bennefits

We can resume in:

  • reducing back and joint pain
  • reducing oedema and muscle tension
  • improving of  oxygenation of soft tissues
  • diminishing  stress and anxiety
  • a better sleep.
  • ease the labour process as well.

Along with the guidance and advices of your prenatal care provider, the tantric prenatal massage can be easily included in your weekly routine.

Another benefits of prenatal tantric massage

The level of the stress hormones are significantly diminished when tantric massage is introduced in the prenatal care.

Women who received tantric prenatal massages two times a week for only five weeks, had a significant increase of dopamine and serotonin levels.


This leaded to better mood regulation and an improved cardiovascular health. These altered hormone levels led to a diminished number of birth complications or newborn complications.

Pay attention to this!

The diminished sexual activity, especially during the last months of pregnancy might bring a certain feeling of frustration in the future mother.

The tantric massage is just the perfect way to restore the balance and release sexual tensions, so both the woman and the foetus will enjoy a state of harmony and well being.

if anyone dares to question this massage now you know it is true! Tantric prenatal massage is a very good therapy!