What is yoni massage?

Yoni massage is the massage form for women genitalia.

The vagina is called yoni in Sanskrit and it can be translated as “sacred space”. In Tantric philosophy, a woman’s vagina is seen as a place to love and respect, through which the adorer is connected to the universal feminine energy itself.

Yoni massage is a practice that intends to honour the woman and help her explore the sacred side of her sexuality. Also, this type of massage determines women to discover the experience of femininity throughout their entire body. Because so she can explore new dimensions of their own sensuality and femininity.
As a result with this massage, you can experience exceptional states of full-body pleasure. We must mention cathartic states that can lead to profound emotional healing and make up a complete experience, involving the body, mind and soul.

What happens in a yoni massage session?

Your yoni massage session begins with a relaxation massage of the entire body that aims to release all possible tensions. Acupressure techniques are performed to activate and unblock the stagnant erotic energy.

This stage is very important before moving on to the actual massage of the yoni! This only happens once a deep and thorough state of relaxation is reached in the entire body! From this point on, a state of surrender and trust is necessary.
Now we move on to the gradual and thorough massage of the clitoris and only afterwards to the intravaginal massage, comprising the important areas (G spot, A spot, cervix).

Hence  the state of empathy between the one performing the massage and the one receiving it is very important!

Yet you have to communicate and return feedback as necessary. Since the beginning, cathartic states may occur. In conclusion we refer to  states of emotional healing, full-body orgasms, enormous waves of pleasure. In addition these will lead to extatic states of being liberated and reconnected.


Yoni massage effects

    Yoni massage effects are the following:

  • The entire body becomes erogenous
  • Unclogging of energetic blockages
  • No more menstrual pain
  • No more intercourse pain
  • Sensuality and femininity enhancement
  • Charisma boost
  • Stress- releaf and anxiety decrease
  • Heals frigidity
  • Heals sexual traumas
  • Multiple orgasms and states of full-body pleasure
  • Deep reconnection with one’s emotions


Therefore we recommend multiple sessions (7-10) for a gradual approach of yoni massage.

We suggest a minimum number of 10 sessions because this type of massage needs a gradual approach. As a result will help you reach profound, extraordinary results, such as full-body Tantric orgasms.

To unblock erotic energy you must “attend” several yoni massage sessions .

Consequently we can tell you pleasure can be experienced throughout the entire body and one can reach extatic states of multiple orgasms.

As a result, this massage isn’t aimed at pleasure, but at reconnecting to one’s own orginary femininity and at self-discovery.