Can massage cure impotence?

Sexual impotence is a man’s incapacity to maintain a healthy errection. For most men, sexual impotence represents a real drama that can change their course of life and not in a good way. In time, such sexual malfunction can affect the heart, the spleen, the liver and the kidneys.
The main cause of this reccuring trouble is the prostate, the gland that controls all of the sexual processes, including the errection. Even if today’s medicine considers it to be normal for men over 45 to have impotence problems, old chinesse medicine considers this belief totally unsupported. They consider that impotence is a disease for men at any age and is the result of excess, sexual abuse and, more important, ejaculatory abuse. Actually, the issue is really about temporary impotence: chinesse medicine considers it to be absolutely normal, as it can appear as a result of a kidney disease, for example. The trick is not to focus on the problem, on the impotentence, but on the sexual stimulation of the partener.

Every man that experienced a temporary impotence may fear that he will eventually become impotent. That is why this fear of his can, in fact, represent the main enemy of the so called disease. Usually, in such a case, a man responds by blocking his own pleasure, by panicking, instead of sharing pleasure and love. At this point, the most natural cure discovered through experience comes in handy: the specific meridians massage.

The most important condition for one’s healing through this type of massage is the practice of it on a regular basis and having patience. Also, during this kind of massage therapy it is strictly forbidden for men to ejaculate. The sperm contains a lot of active principles that contribute to the body’s regeneration. That is why it is very important for man not to waste his sperm, but to save his energy and use it for better purposes in his body: mentally, affective, etc. Most men think that if they don’t ejaculate they may become ill, but the truth is that men get ill only if they do not use this sperm inside their body and it remains stocked inside the prostate. The sexual energy can have 2 directions: downwards, that is ejaculation for which the body needs 7 days to recover or after and upwards – the transforming of the sexual energy into different kinds of energies inside, like an alchemy.
Very important note: men are strongly advised not to use drugs that are meant for potency, because such drugs can cause serious health problems, irreversible ones, even death.

The meridian massage can naturally regenerate the circulation of the energy and can bring the cure. The body has all the natural intelligence necessary to heal itself and this kind of massage is only stimulating the natural process of healing.