Continent orgasms through tantra massage

Evolution of continent orgasms through tantra massage

The first continent orgasms may feel too short and lacking intensity. At the beginning you learn precisely where the point you need to stop is. I advice you learn this before it’s too late and the ejaculation is triggered, and without it being too early and thus, not reaching orgasm.

Nevertheless, with practice, they will become more and more durable and intense.

Given that the sexual potential (semen) is no longer lost, the body has way more energy to sustain the orgasm. In time, orgasmic states can get to be continuous in the love-making. Intensity is an important key in Tantra. You don’t have to worry, the point is not to avoid or diminish it, but to control it in order to amplify and prolonged it. Anyone with curiosity and perseverance, can gradually see that what you used to call orgasm is completely pale compared to the Tantric experience.

Secrets you need to know

Once you begin practicing, you’ll see that orgasming without ejaculation will amplify your sex-drive so intensely that it’ll drive you mad. You may not be able to find your place. Also  you may become irritable, impatient. Furthermore it may become hard for you to focus and you may feel a maniacal urge to cum.
If any of this happens, it means that you haven’t understood and gone through the two basic processes necessary for complete sexual continence. These are body-temperature transmutation and sublimation.

Tantra massage

One of the many practices aimed at perfecting sexual continence is massage. Tantra massage is a combination of massage maneuvers, mindfulness meditation, focus and breathing exercises. All these have the effect of enhancing the needed self-awareness and self-control. Also will enhance as well as the perceptive sensitivity necessary in the practice of sexual continence.
Tantra is a life-changing practice. It is intensely relaxing, regenerating, physically and psychologically empowering. All its principles, everything its practice requires, and all its effects are aimed at strenghtening all our structures and at balancing them. In time, our body will get healthier, younger, our emotions will be lighter, our character stronger and our minds sharper.

Unfortunate scarcity

It is very hard to find outhentic Tantra massage services. Most places claiming they do actually have nothing to do with it. Tantra massage implies a vast knowledge that the masseuse needs to have and apply during the masssage session. Tao massage in Bucharest is the first here and one of the best places where you can find such premium services. Our masseuses are perfectly qualified to teach you everything you need to know about the practice of sexual continence and the achievement of the multiorgasmic capacity.