Reasons why you should experience a tantric massage

Some reasons why you should experience a tantric massage

The art of Tantra has been practiced for over 9,000 years, and is considered an old healing technique. Its origins have been traced back to the Himalayan Mountains in India, where religious leaders believed that sexual ritual was the path to a higher form of ecstasy and liberation.

It was formulated to release natural energy from within the body to deal with physical and emotional trauma.

The ways of tantra

As a matter of fact, tantra is practiced in several ways. Tantric yoga, tantric sex, tantric massage and tantric meditation are the different types of tantra practiced in our society today.
We all resort to different means to relax and to find peace in life. For many people tantra massage is the best way to relax and find peace in their life.

Thus tantric massage is basically just like a regular massage.

However, it was created with the belief that sexually happy individuals are healthier in life. As a result your entire body will be massaged including some of your sensitive areas.
Today’s tantric massage takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a full-body experience.

First of all a traditional massage is heightened by incorporating breathing exercises and genital stimulation. The tantric massage is a must for anyone looking for complete mind and body relaxation.

Point of view regarding tantra massage

Tantra massage is not impersonal or mechanical approach but a real and often deep meeting of two people full of sensitivity, respect and body attention as well as the soul of the receiver. Although there is a primarily set up framework, each massage is a unique ritual between the giver and a receiver depending on their mutual energy. Considering both personalities, the client and the masseuse, the form varies in details. Probably tantra principles and quality of massage procedure remain the same. There is a lot of space for intuition and following energy of the present moment which is an inseparable part of each tantra massage.

Benefits of tantric massage

The tantric massage will improve your circulation, emotional well-being, and decrease your stress levels. All of these things will leave you in better health, with an improved physical and emotional outlook going forward.