Do you know the benefits of Tantra massage?


At the same time psycho-corporal therapy, energetic care and holistic approach to well-being, Tantra massage always takes place with a respectful touch. Its purpose is to help you balance your relationship with yourself and your emotions, act on your health, stimulate your personal power and awaken your energy potential (Kundalini).

Tantra massage combines sexual energy with traditional massage techniques. The idea behind the Tantra Massage is to wake up the seven energy centers called chakras. These energy centers are located along the spine, and the professional masseuse will release these energy centers, unlock them to release them throughout the body, from the base of the spine to the rest of the body.

Tantra massage induces a real relaxation as well physical and mental, acting on mental tensions, emotional and corporal

Tantra massage has a lot of benefits. This type of massage is often combined with breathing techniques called pranayama. This is used for energy to be moved all over the body more efficiently. Regularly used, Tantra massage with breathing techniques, can improve breathing. Improved breathing and relaxation can improve the healing time of certain diseases.

Like any other type of massage, Tantra massage can be used to relax the body. Besides relieving physical pain, Tantra massage can help relieve emotional pain. Many people claim they feel less guilty or cowardly after having had such a massage. Others say they feel more energetic, more active during the day and sleep better at night.

The benefits of Tantra massage are many:

Balance your emotional being

The therapeutic touch of Tantra massage will transmit you a deeply devotional energy (bhakti), homage to the life that lives in you. You will feel beautiful, loved and accepted as a whole. Tantra massage will act as a catalyst to teach you to know you better, to accept yourself, and therefore to love yourself, the foundation of your personal development.

Tantra massage acts on your physical and mental health

As a psycho-corporal and spiritual therapy, Tantra massage can have an impact on your health in the broad sense of the term: physical and mental, instinctual and emotional, mental and spiritual. Therapeutic Tantra massage is also ideal for working on all sexual-related disorders, such as premature ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, lack of sensitivity or extreme sensitivity, and other physical and psychological trauma.

Tantra massage stimulates your personal power

The manipulation of your vital energy will gradually widen your self-awareness, feed your personal abilities (resistance to stress, recovery, empathy, clarity of mind…) and create new ones, such as the stimulation of chakras and Kundalini.

Visibly improved sleep

There are people sleeping every night for 8 or 9 hours, but they never get to feel rested. Stress, and lifestyle always on the run also contribute to worsening this. Tantra massage offers time for meditation. An hour spent in a Tantra massage session provides rest for the body and mind. These moments, the more they accumulate, create an ideal comfort environment for sleeping to be as good as possible, very restful.