Effects of Tantric massage on the body

Effects of Tantric massage on the body

People usually have Tantric massage because it is intensely pleasurable and it makes them feel a lot better after the session has ended than they did before it started. But most of them have no idea what is actually going on in their body and the tremendous difference Tantric massage makes for their health.

The wonders of relaxation

To start with, it is thoroughly relaxing. Relaxation gives the body the chance to regenerate. The muscles release all the tension and the parasympathetic system is activated. The parasympathetic part of our nervous system is in charge with preserving the existing energy and with generating new one. Its activation is favorable for the sexual function and for the digestive system.

Nowadays, relaxation is actually a not big, but huge deal. The lack of relaxation is the main cause for insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, impotency and frigidity, various digestive disorders, heart diseases, all sorts of addictions, aggression. The continuous stress we have to cope with is also a cause for the growing levels of selfishness and lack of empathy and compassion.
Therefore, relaxation is the solution to many of the problems we are facing today in matters of health and all types of relations. Taking time to relax boosts our energy level, is regenerating for the body, is beneficial for our digestive system, enhances our sexual performance, is revigorating for our heart and brain, to mention but a few effects. Moreover, it enables us to become more sympathetic and empathetic, giving, affectionate and compassionate.

If we just relax, we turn into much better people!

The problem is, though, we are so used to stress and tension that we no longer know how to relax. Can you really completely relax all your muscles at will, together with your thoughts and emotions?

The daily sexual damage of modern life

Since the answer is most likely negative, it means that you need massage. Massage is the most efficient method to relax as deeply as possible. Why Tantric massage, though, and not just any other type? Because another major damage caused by our daily stress is endured by our sexuality.

Sexual frustration is generally spread in our society. Stress activates our sympathetic nervous system, which is in charge with the state of alert and shuts down our sexual function. If you haven’t guessed it by now, know that stress is one big cause for impotency and frigidity.
Being so pressured throughout our lives, we don’t take the time to offer our sexuality its rightful care and attention. The sex drive is one of the most powerful in all animals. Inhibiting it for so long leads to great frustration, which – psychology shows – is the only cause for aggression (apart from self-deffence cases).

This is the mechanism that explains why it only takes a first glance around to notice how aggressive society got and the amount of porn material that is devoured daily. All this mundane urgency and pressure makes a lot of people obsessed and unable when it comes to sexuality.
We know it sounds harsh, so let’s see what being able means in terms of our eroticism. Generally, for men it takes between 2-7 minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm, when they ejaculate and then have to wait for their body to regenerate before they are ready for a next go. The more such orgasms the have, the more they use up the body’s capacity to generate more sperm; hence, the closer the get to impotency.

Men’s true sexual potential

What we’ve just described is far from what the male’s sexual function can achieve. A man who knows his body and controls it is capable of having multiple orgasms without ejaculating.  Thus will be able to perform intercourse for hours without stopping. This is possible because the nervous centers for orgasm and ejaculation are actually different. Since the first one to be activated is the one for orgasm, the man who has the adequate level of self-control knows how to pause after the orgasm is triggered and before reaching the point of no-return which leads to inevitable ejaculation. After pausing to experience this “dry” orgasm (which in time gets more intense and more durable than the regular one), he can resume intercourse immediately, ready for the next orgasms.

It may sound like too much trouble, but, you will come to understand its necessity once you find what the women’s sexual potential is. This will be besides the fact that mastering your sexual function like that will lead to amazing longevity!

Women’s true sexual potential

It usually takes a woman 30 minutes of intercourse to reach orgasm. Many women think that they are frigid for not having experienced vaginal orgasm. False! In most cases the fact is that they have never received enough stimulation. It may sound like a huge disadvantage that women have, for taking them so long to climax, but check this.

Women can experience over 10 different types of orgasm.

In truth, the female body is much more endowed for erotic pleasure than the male is.

Among the anatomic areas that can trigger orgasms when given the needed stimulation are the clit. Also the G , U and A spots, the cervix, the anus and the urethra 😉

Bring your potential to life

Most people don’t know their own body’s pleasure potential, not to mention their partner’s. The fact that the human body is sexually endowed way beyond the needs of reproduction, proves that this is not sexuality’s only purpose. Experiencing durable, deep and various types of pleasure, the body generates certain hormones that are highly beneficial for our body and for our psychological well-being. This leads to happiness and intensely amplifies our feelings of love, affection and empathy.

In order to go on a successful quest in the depths of your sexuality, you’ll find Tantric massage not only useful, but truly necessary. Through regular sessions of Tantric massage you’ll gain the knowledge and experience of becoming aware of your body. You will be able to control it, gaining the capacity to reach paroxistic levels of pleasure. You will also feeling all the regenerating and enhancing effects on your physical health and psychological well-being.
Visit us at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest and our professional masseuses will offer you their knowledge and skill. Say good-bye to insomnia, indigestion, tiredness, stress and frustration. Your quality of life and happiness are about to reach levels you’ve never experienced.